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#GoldMeetsGolden🥇Thank you @cocacola!
Thank you @fcbarcelona and @nike for an unforgettable night. 4-0 not bad at all.
I had very different expectations as we headed to Zanzibar. Naively I thought the culture, the people, the cities, and life would be similar than mainland Tanzania. I soon found out that Zanzibar is not only very different in all these categories than Tanzania, but they are also fighting to be their own country(they are semi-autonomous and that’s all I’ll go into about that).
I met the Zanzibar Women’s Soccer team who welcomed me but also raised important issues that we spoke about at length. It wasn’t all smiles and although we share the similarity of fighting for equality in sports, these women have to fight for respect from not only their elders, but their peers and family, they are seen as wanting to be men because they play soccer, and they told me sometimes they are just tired of fighting(and i can relate to that feeling). The religion/ culture in Zanzibar is one that restricts girls from playing sports in school... it is not accepting of girls/women in sports.
The boys/men also had many questions for Servando and although we spent the entire clinic playing together regardless of gender, it was apparent that our conversations would greatly vary between the boys and girls. 
Side note: we also got kicked off the field 15 minutes into our training because of a men’s game starting... so we played in a small area with lots of bystanders curious about what we were doing and goats roaming the grass area eating.
Spent a majority of the last two days at JMK Park, which is a multi sports complex in Dar es Salaam that gives lots of kids the opportunity to play sports that otherwise might not have had the chance. Although we spent lots of time on the field playing, more importantly we spent a good amount talking about issues that girls and women face on a daily basis. Forced early marriage, lack of opportunity/acceptance in sports, FGM, education breakdown, and cultural blocks that prevent girls from achieving their dreams. These girls and boys are breaking barriers and are hopeful of a better future.
Incredible day with @IEFTZ and @sportsdiplomacy in northern Tanzania. These girls and boys are the future of Tanzania. Asante Sana @orkeeswa for sharing your stories with us and allowing us to be part of your Maasai village for the day!
A few tips on scoring: Concentration and Balance are 🔑. Together #WePlayStrong #PlayLikeAlex @weplaystrong
Fall in California ❤️
Work towards something bigger.
Tell me in the comments: what mantra guides you in life?
Peaches love the Dodgers
Checking out some costumes today like...
Had an amazing day in Atlanta today with my #CokeFamily! Thanks to all who came out to hear me share my story on all the changes in 2017 and what a great year its truly been.
Every drop of sweat, every grass stain, every failure, and every triumph is leading to something so much more. Thank you @beatsbydre for the #1of1 headphones. Tell us about yours, @shaunwhite