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Excited to be exploring Rome but missing Tokyo already. Thanks so much to all the fans who came out to support at the Season 2 premiere. Japan, be ready on June 28 for SWAT season 2 on @superdramatv ! #swatjp @jayharrington3
What a swell party this is... Onstage with my favorite karaoke buddy @jayharrington3 at the Japan premiere for SWAT Season 2 last night. We are overwhelmed by the love and support here. Japan get ready, Season 2 is airing June 28 on @superdramatv !! #swatjp
It’s time... 😎 Japan premiere @superdramatv @jayharrington3 #swatjp
I posted a picture of this same wonderful lady in this same exact spot just over a year ago. Time is a weird thing. This is at Meiji Jingu (Meiji Shrine) in Shibuya, Tokyo and last year there was a couple getting married or just-married or about-to-be-married. As Diana and i walked through this beautiful area, one year later - one year that feels so fleeting yet in which so much has transpired - she reminded me of the couple and I realized they would’ve just celebrated their one year anniversary (hopefully 😅). Such a significant milestone. But looking around at the shrine, the tourists buzzing, it’s like not a day had gone by. ... Take it in while you can.
So good to be back in Tokyo with my travel buddies #stanleyseestheworld @dhopxo Sleepy time now then getting ready for a big week leading up to the Japan premiere of SWAT season 2! @superdramatv #swatjp
When baby makes a whiskey sour... 😋 @dhopxo
Following the wrapping of my movie - which shot immediately after the last day of shooting on the show - I fell into a heap and assumed the fetal position. I’m finally coming back to life now and have just caught up on episodes I was behind on. If you haven’t caught the last episode of SWAT yet, stream it now. It’s INSANE!!! So proud of our team! So proud of our show. Another great season. 🙏🏽🍾❤️ @swatcbs @cbstv @shemarfmoore @stephaniesigman @jayharrington3 @linaesco @thekennethjohnson @davidbradleylim @peteronorati @patrickstesprit @louferrignojr @mfkidd @arthomastv @onsetwithswat @odiegallop 📷 @davinophotostudio
Around a week ago, we finished production on our indie romantic drama Under My Skin. Everyone involved put every fiber of their being into this. I’m so grateful for them and so grateful to be a part of this 🙏🏽❤️ @liv.hewson @chlo3freeman @lex.ryan @hi_its_bobbi @davidodonnell99 #undermyskin #undermyskinfilm #fivelipfilms
My Instagram has been on the fritz today so I’m a little behind the times but when i found out about Season 3 pickup today, i started dancing like this!!! Massive congratulations to all the cast, crew, writers and creators of this show.. to everyone who makes this show possible. WE DID IT!!! 😃❤️🍾 @swatcbs @cbstv @shemarfmoore @jayharrington3 @linaesco @thekennethjohnson @davidbradleylim @louferrignojr @patrickstesprit @odiegallop @mfkidd @arthomastv
Been so busy on our movie, i haven’t had a chance to see the latest episode but I know what HAPPENS and if you haven’t seen it yet, catch up now because s**t goes DOWN!!! Look out for this scene... @swatcbs Thursdays at 10 ❤️🙏🏽🤯
We’re popular on #Netflix !!! @bramptonmovie is available to stream NOW! So proud of this team! Home run 😍⚾️🤘🏼
26-David to command... requesting piña colada break... #venicebeach 📷 @davidbradleylim