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Sometimes u gotta take a second out of the day and just play! ☺️Shooting day from last episode of #SWAT airing tonight 10/9c on #CBS @swatcbs @cbstv 📷 @davinophotostudio
TOMORROW NIGHT... this #seasonfinale will not leave you feeling comfortable. Plenty o’ great action as per uzsh BUT it’s what goes on behind closed doors and backs that’ll bring a hush to the living room. MAKE SURE you don’t miss this season finale of #SWAT tomorrow, Thursday 10/9c on #CBS 👮🏽‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️😍😘✌🏻🙏🏽⚡️💯@cbstv @swatcbs @shemarfmoore @stephaniesigman @jayharrington3 @linaesco @thekennethjohnson @davidbradleylim @peteronorati #patrickstesprit
Awesome snaps from premiere of Brampton’s Own at @nashfilmfest on the weekend. Third pic is one i posted from over a year ago when we were shooting this thing - a fifteen day shoot (wft, i know) with some of the most awe inspiring actors and artists a young (lol) whippersnapper like me could ever hope for. A shoot where I got to play a struggling minor league baseball player wrestling with a dream, where i got to act opposite actors from the Hollywood movies I had grown up watching and revering... the films I had escaped into as a kid in #Rockhampton #queensland .. a kid with an uncertain sense of purpose and a dream of his own. And this week, #seasonfinale of #SWAT airs on Thursday 10/9c on CBS (the talk is REAL, will blow minds ✌🏻🙏🏽) and I’m looking at images from the premiere of this film, Brampton’s Own, that we shot BEFORE SWAT got picked up to series... this film that we shot in FIFTEEN DAYS and looks more like it took fifty, the film that raised the roof in #Nashville and had people cheering and hollering - I’m looking at all this and I’m feeling grateful for an amazing week. Grateful for an amazing life. When it’s time, CHECK.... OUT.... Brampton’s Own. 💯 This movie is INCREDIBLE and, unquestionably, one of the proudest moments of my career. 
We’ll be releasing info soon re the release. Keep eyes peeled ✌🏽😘 #nashvillefilmfestival @carterhastings1 #bramptonsown #worldpremiere #spencergrammer @helloiamkevin #kevinlinehan #mattcorboy @imrosemciver #rosemciver #scottporter #jeansmart #johngetz @swatcbs @cbstv @mattharper @michaeldoneger @markdicristofaro @kieranmurphydp @hg_fish @dhopxo #minorleaguebaseball #minorleague #aaa
Oh DAAAAAAAYYYYAAAAMM.... WHAT is going down in our final episode? Some very tough choices for a very torn Street on #SWAT this Thursday 10/9c on #cbs What is the #hoax ? @swatcbs @cbstv
Second last episode is coming to you and is INSAAAAAAAAAANE....!!!! PLEASE be ready for some real s***t ❤️ I love how this season is finishing. I think y’all will too. #itsabouttogodown 
Check it out this Thursday 10/9c @swatcbs @cbstv Who are the #hunted ?? @curbyourcriticism
Thx #Tokyo ... you were awesome.... same for you, #Kyoto ... and you, #Osaka ❤️✌🏻😘 @dhopxo
Stooooooooooopid good..... #tokyofishmarket @dhopxo #frozenstrawberries
Stanley’s view from the #parkhyatttokyo 😍#Tokyo #Japan @dhopxo
I’m in Australia and can’t watch tonight’s ep 😭but if ur stateside, definitely check this ep out! East coast and central, if you missed it, stream it now! West coast, less than two hours away. ... love this scene with @jayharrington3 
Check out Street’s new living arrangement in #vendetta
#Stanleyseestheworld This is Stanley for any of you who don’t know him. He’s @dhopxo and my son. And he’s seeing the world. This is him on the #bullettrain from #Kyoto to #Tokyo 😊
#kyoto ❤️ ✌🏽
#tokyo 😍✌🏽#vacation w my adventure buddy @dhopxo ❤️