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BRAMPTON’S OWN in theaters October 19 - full trailer below ⚾️

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Inferior opponent make Sergeant Stevens angry... Who will go down? 😂 New SWAT tmrw night on CBS 10/9c @swatcbs @odiegallop @thekennethjohnson @davidbradleylim @shemarfmoore @jayharrington3 @stephaniesigman @linaesco @peteronorati @patrickstesprit @louferrignojr
2018/2019 Christmas/New Year’s holiday. It always goes too quickly... and that’s always the sign that it was exactly what we needed.. #australia #greatkeppelisland #rockhampton @_ohdannybouy_ @dhopxo @francesrussellinteriors 📷 @robert_dommy_junior
If you haven’t seen our latest episode “School”... DVR or stream it now on CBS all access. We can all be a part of the solution. We can help to stop school shootings. Copy paste this link and visit this site for more information on how to keep our schools safe:  @swatcbs 📷 @davinophotostudio
#bts #secretproject in the can... done and dusted. Now we chill 😌🎅🏼🍩🥂 @paolomascitti
One-sheet for our baby, #comecorrect Been an amazing year with festival play and special screenings. Online release coming SOON! @robert_dommy_junior ..have wings ready on the bundy when i land tomorrow! 😏 #thundabird #bundyrum
Learning to flex 😂 It’s harder than I thought... “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!” (Couldn’t resist) Almost there... #secretproject @paolomascitti @swatcbs @cbstv @unitedtalentagency
Locker room scene we just shot ☺️ almost ready for the #secretproject 📷 @davinophotostudio 💪🏼 @paolomascitti @swatcbs ❤️🙏🏽
@swatcbs Thursday 10/9c 📷 @davinophotostudio ❤️
Ta-da! 😀 @swatcbs Thursday 10/9c on CBS
It’s good to be back in black 😎 episode this Thursday CBS 10/9c @swatcbs #streetwear #backinblack
I’m SICK of being on the sidelines. Another day in the armory... UNLESS there’s a special way I can help the others... @swatcbs 10/9c Eastern and central, less than an hour to go! @swatcbs
Nice relaxing leg-day Sunday with @paolomascitti in the torture chamber 😭🤮 #secretproject