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BRAMPTON’S OWN in theaters October 19 - full trailer below ⚾️

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I’m SICK of being on the sidelines. Another day in the armory... UNLESS there’s a special way I can help the others... @swatcbs 10/9c Eastern and central, less than an hour to go! @swatcbs
Nice relaxing leg-day Sunday with @paolomascitti in the torture chamber 😭🤮 #secretproject
Happy Halloween!!! 🎃 Who wins? Mine on the left @dhopxo ‘s on the right - tie?? I think she JUST edges me out (something very Pirates of the Caribbean about it 😍) next year... I’m doing minions 😈 #halloween #pumpkincarving
Looks like Street has some competition... TONIGHT 10/9c on CBS! @swatcbs @cbstv ❤️
If you haven’t gone to see Brampton’s Own yet, get to one of these theaters mañana. It’s GREAT on the big screen ⚾️ @bramptonmovie
Angelenos! Come join us for a Q&A screening tomorrow at the Laemmle Playhouse. 5:20pm screening. See u there ⚾️😊 @bramptonmovie
Get a side splitting lesson in comedy from the hilarious Kevin Linehan @helloiamkevin in Brampton’s Own in select theaters and available on VOD TODAY! @bramptonmovie @michaeldoneger ⚾️
What a truly happy night last night was. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the premiere and supported this beautiful, hilarious slice of Americana. I’m so proud of it and of all the great artists involved who brought this thing to life with such magic. Go watch Brampton’s Own tomorrow in select theaters or stream it in your living room and watch this Aussie swing a baseball bat! @bramptonmovie ⚾️❤️
What happens after this..? SWAT tonight 10/9c on CBS @swatcbs @cbstv
Immediately after this, I went and got donuts 😂 Another week, another step closer... #secretproject #cheatday 🍩💪🏼
Brampton’s Own in theaters and on digital platforms Oct 19 ... Laugh, love, let go... ⚾️🙏🏽 @bramptonmovie @michaeldoneger
The boy in blue 👮🏻‍♂️😊 SWAT -Thursdays 10/9c on CBS @swatcbs @cbstv