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Udinese Calcio and Iraq national team player

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I am very honoured to receive the award of best Iraqi player for 2017/2018 season and I would like to sincerely thank all the fans who voted for me ..ル韓エリアルルル リァル リァリュリオル リケルル リャリァリヲリイル リ」ルリカル ルリァリケリィ リケリアリァルほ ルルル畏ウル 2017/2  018 リエルリアリァ ルルル リァルリャルリァルル韓ア リァルリケリアリァルほ館 ... Miglior giocatore in Iraq  grazie e 笞ェク鞘圻ク鞘擘ク
To London沛エ〒△▼ョ〒∩
ルル リケリァル ル畏ァルリェル リィリ」ルル リョル韓ア / Buon anno/happy New Year/沁
Merry Christmas to everyone/Buon natale a tutti 沁
Bravi ragazzi! Che squadra! Partita top!!!
Good job guys! Great team! What a match!!!
Complimenti per tutti bravi ragazzi洶≫坎ク鞘圻ク鞘擘ク詔リュルリッ リァルルル ルリィリァリアリァル ルルルル