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You don't HAVE a soul. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a BODY.
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Bathroom selfies will never get old
Oh damn I'm loaded ... praise Jesus AMEN !
I met @sonjdradeluxe and @jamiegenevieve and I squealed like a child ! She said my hair was pretty and that I'm a good hugger OMG ! 😂😂 #IMSOSILLY
Where I'd rather be every single day... #heat #beach #cocktails
Current mode.
I'm not even sorry. I'm all for everyone succeeding but if we are friends you're at the top of the list. Sometimes this is necessary. 😜😜
In the words of my niece "it doesn't look like you, looks much more nicer, like a princess" welp 🐩
The most beautiful mutually selfish action two people can do. You chose one person that brings treasure to your life and selfishly take them for yourself for the rest of your life, promise to give them all of you for the rest of your lives no matter what. I love you @fran_fran89 I'm so proud of you and so happy for you and that God has blessed you with one of the most beautiful blessings there is in this world, you have the one for you ! I love, love like this so much and these videos make me instantly cry every time. Seeing two people love each other freely is just stunning, on top of that our outfits were just perfection. Thank you for for making me one of your bridesmaids! I pray you have more than just the best in this marriage! With out knowing it you gave me hope thank you 💕💕😍😍😭😭
Happy international Women's day beautiful! Keep going you've got this babe!
My people 💘 love that shiz