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Dial 0 to bitch.
Headed back home because you can’t beat views like this.
When you thought you were going full send but you’re actually just 100% certified Jerry.
Tips so frosty they put Guy Fieri to shame.
When you’re as bad at skiing as I am, you probably need this guy on your side. #jesustakethewheel
If it’s snowing, I’m going. ❄️
Scooting around on the mountain like it’s “snow”body’s business.
Already missing my best, big footed, adventure buddy. 😭 #adventureswithbigfoot
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! 🎄Also, shoutout to the random stranger's cute dog popping in for a photo or two.
Snow and steady wins the race. So fun having Hick Hilde home. ❄️🌲