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NW Montana
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Yearning for chilly mornings in the woods.
*just add snow
There's something magical about this lake.
Uhh excuse me Mother Nature, I wasn't done enjoying fall yet.
Coming back to this made a full day of hiking totally worth it. #montana #glaciernationalpark
Peaceful mornings in the park.
Got a room with a view.
Ok but one last wallet post because I'm annoying and because this is probably the only cool thing I've done in my life. #threadwallets
Think I'm just gonna pack it all up and go live in the little belts. And on a side note, what you can't see is the shear drop I'm standing over which is a lot scarier than it looks. I think @sara_basirat can vouch for that. #intothelittlebelts #montana
#blessed by the Northwest. 💛
Me in my happiest state.
Nothing beats a day on the lake with a kayak and a fly rod! Wish it was this warm again.