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My dog is hooked on catnip. Send help.
Free yo mind and yo ass will follow.... (good thoughts bad thoughts by Funkadelic) 沐・沐・
汨シ沛セ iPhone X being dramatic as hell
I think I窶况e encapsulated all of Los Angeles in one photo. (Zoom in on the plate for an inspiring quote)
Grateful to be a woman
Grateful to have a voice 
Grateful for the women before me who made it possible for me to have a voice 
Grateful to be living in a world where we don窶冲 make excuses for toxic men who abuse their power 
Grateful for privileged women using their power to make a change for ALL women
Grateful to not be silenced
2018 is for us. 
Join the movement.
I窶况e never seen so many good looking people in one place before and you guys have my favorite food, porridge, down to a science...Gonna marry a Dane and move here v soon 汳沛セ汳沛セ汳沛セ汳沛セ
When you窶决e the single one @havardbing 
@mortenburkeland @tuvabl
The face of defeat. (We left him on top of the mountain)
God jul!! 笶、ク鞘擘ク
Asante窶冱 first Christmas in the snow 汞ウ汞エ 笶、ク
Merry Christmas from your FAVS