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Friday’s are always a little more fun when you get to go to a house party. Thank you @fsseattle for a delicious and beautifully decorated Summer House party event. A great way to kick off Summer. #summerdress #fsevents #fridaystyle 📷 @truelane
👋🏽☕️⏰ I forgot to set my alarm last night. I woke up 30 minutes late and thinking it was Saturday for a good minute. It wasn’t the best way to wake up, but the day starts whether you’re ready or not. So I rolled with it. I got to work 20 minutes later than usual and didn’t let it get to me. I just didn’t want to feel like I was behind all day. I’ve let myself live in that space and it’s not fun, especially when you realize you’re the only one keeping time. 
Moral of the story: Make sure you set your alarm, give yourself a break and coffee is always a good idea.👍🏼#mondayfeels #coffeemakeseverythingbetter 📷 @photoyounique
Happy Father’s Day to my Poppie who still texts me Noches every night. So blessed to have his love, support and sense of humor. #fathersday2019  #sundayfunday 📷Mom
Why don’t I have a hammock? 
Because I live in a apartment. It really doesn’t seem like a good enough reason. 😉 #TBT to when I had to go to #JoshuaTree to live out my hammock dreams. #summermusthaves 📷 @millionsbyname
Do you ever look at your Instagram profile page to figure out what to wear? Me either. 
PS. I wore this dress and shoes combo today. 😉☺️ #whatiworetoday #springdresses 📷 @_elizabethkathryn
Hanging out with my new best friend Blanche, the flamingo. ☀️😎💕#mondaymood #sunnyday 📷  @nicolespix
Feeling inspired this morning after attending the What She Said x Women of Color FashTech Brunch. Fashion isn’t my day job, but these issues apply across industries. The event started the convos and it’s up to us to continue it. #wocftb #seattlewomen #saturdayvibes
Heading into the weekend like 🌻👯‍♀️
#seattlespring #readyfortheweekend 📷 @photoyounique
🌻🌻I think I may have been a sunflower in my past life. I also turn my head towards the sun every chance I get. #sunnydays #sunflowersmakemehappy 📷 @photoyounique
Wearing a shirt without a jacket is what dreams are made’s going to be 80 degrees this week! ☀️🙌🏽I’m here for it! #springtime🌸 #seattlefashion 📷 @_elizabethkathryn
🎈🎂 It’s officially my birthday! I have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to this year. And thank you Seattle for the gift of the ☀️today. 🙏🏽 #birthdayweekend #weekendvibes 📷 @photoyounique
Heading into May aka my birthday month with 🕶 and 💃🏻!!! #heyheyhellomay #dressseason 📷 @photoyounique