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"The biggest problem is we don't know what is the artist's worth."
Shreyas Srinivasan
"We don't have the platform to promote Marathi music so discovery becomes a big challenge."
Sanjay Chhabria
"Money does not matter when it is quality content."
Sandeep Bansal
"Music is Passion, but revenue is important. Well artists themselves through music and you cannot degrade passion down to numbers."
Sahith Sethuraman
"When I came to India, I never thought I will get a chance to sing in Bollywood"
"Price and friction are two key things if you fix that, it would allow you to flow revenue in India."
"An artist should focus on the brand as whole, coming up with compelling content and reaching the right audiences."
Priya Dewan
"50% Of vinyl which are sold are never opened."
Rajat kakar
"The content is there, it is just that people need to find them."
"I was a Bharatnatyam dancer, but was bullied because it was for girls."
"When you ask about royalties I have one thing to say, we don't get them"
"Content doesn't promote itself.There is a ton of content available that won't play because the creator didn't promote it."