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Smooth Jazz Saxophonist🎷, Video Producer 🎬, Raptors Fan 🏀, Bible History Nerd ✝️,日本語を勉強しています🇯🇵

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One thing that motivates me to wake up even on minimal sleep, is my Japanese studies. I'm learning because I'm connected with churches in Japan and I hope that learning the language will allow me to contribute to God's work in Japan, even in a small way. Last year I was fortunate to bring my alto sax to Japan and host a couple of musical events. It was a great way to introduce people to the churches in their neighbourhoods. Anyway, this is how I start my mornings; it just feels right! #日本語
"Get It Together" by India.Arie
Full video on Youtube (Link in Bio)
It's hard to believe that I've completely finished my first album! I couldn't have made this happen without the help of Andrew DeYoung, @jtkimmusic, @__gibs, Calvin Persaud and @jamilaonline. You can Preorder it on iTunes now! (link in bio)
I'm excited for today's YouTube video (link in bio). I feel like now is the right time to record and share this song. #OneLoveManchester

What have you been putting off that now might be the right time for?
I got a call from Katarzyna Kochany (Director) to work on a family friendly drama called Sal's Auto. It's a heartfelt story about trust and acceptance. 
The whole crew was from Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. It was special to have such a talented local group working together!

It was great to exercise my editing chops on another short film. There's something special about narrative films that just makes editing extremely rewarding. I'm grateful for the opportunity!

Sal's Auto premieres at the Willson Oakville Film Festival on Saturday, June 24th, 8PM at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts.
The Raptors have been around since I was 3 and there's never been a better time to be a fan as now. I hope this guy #lowry decides to stay, not just because he's good, but because watching him has taught me a ton about how to survive on the court as a smaller guy. It'll be a sad day if he leaves 😠 #loyalty
Hey I'm Nathan, I'm taking an instagram challenge this week and one of the goals is to share 3 things about myself that you might not know yet:

1. I'm a long-time Raptors fan. I watch every game and it would be great to do the national anthems some day. It would be cool to play them on the sax!
2. I follow YouTubers like Rob Skiba and Michael Heiser. They make the Bible come to life for me with all of the little known facts that they share.
3. I'm a big fan of NBA 2K, I used to play NBA LIVE up until 2010, but now 2K is my game of choice. (I'm still on 2K16, but I'll get the new one when it's out!) Add me on 2K: allenmusic

That's a bit about me, feel free to share something about yourself too!
60 seconds from "Between Places" (Full video on YouTube).
New song hits YouTube today at 10am EST. Keep an eye out for it!
Watch the first 60 seconds of "Together and Apart" (Full video on YouTube).
I'm premiering an original song on YouTube tonight at 5pm EST. Don't miss it! 
#TogetherAndApart #SoulIntrospect #AllenMusic #SopranoSaxophone #SmoothJazzSaxophone #AntiguaWinds
Transcribing some sheet music for "Together and Apart". #SaxophonePlayAlong videos are on the way, and the sheets will be on #SmoothJazzSaxophone #SopranoSaxophone #TogetherAndApart #allenmusicpics