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Fancy a cuppa? It’s that time of year again. Time to get the twinkly tea on the boil. Guaranteed to fill you with warmth, positivity and all the festive feels (is it too early for ‘festive’? 😉). ✨☕️
Find a discarded balloon and a few strips of plastic on the beach and what do you have? A jellyfish. #projectlittercritter 
We started and finished season 2 of The Sinner in 3 days 🙈. So, now we’re in that awful post series addiction stage:  we’re missing the characters from the previous series, constantly flicking through all other unwatched boxsets without being able to agree on one to start, watching random programmes that you have no interest in, and wishing that you didn’t watch the last one so fast and instead savoured it and made it last. Give us a few days and we *might* have decided on a new one. Fingers crossed.
In this version of Red Riding Hood, the big bad ‘wolf’ isn’t fooling anybody. 
#whpseasonal #allthatisthree
AD - What was your favourite Disney movie as a kid? I loved the classics as much as anyone, but Fantasia (the soundtrack to many of my living room dance performances), The Rescuers Down Under (can you remember Joanna and her eggs?) and Lady and the Tramp (oh, the spaghetti scene ❤️) were the ones on repeat in my house. 
And now that it's reached that time of year where hibernation is the only appealing option when it comes to family time, I'm not going to argue when the girls suggest a movie night (or a "CDD night" as Penny calls them). You'll find us on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn, settling down for some serious  #Disneytime.
AD - If only cooking really was this quick and easy - maybe then I’d enjoy it more 🙊. How good are your culinary skills? I like to think that I have many talents - I make a mean cup of tea, I’m surprisingly good at doing the limbo, and can procrastinate like no other 😉 - but cooking is not one of them. I wish it was, and I do try, but unless I’m sticking to the very limited meals that I excel at, I over cook, undercook, miss out ingredients and my timings are atrocious. 
And that is why you’ll always find @heinz in my cupboard, ready to save the day when my chef hat has disappeared, I’m in rush or just too knackered to even contemplate starting a meal from scratch. And as it’s autumn, our soup of choice is the @heinz Soup of The Day Spiced Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Carrot soup. #asgoodashomemade #HeinzSOTD #HomemadeTheHeinzWay’
‘You know who doesn’t care about your personal space? Kids! Kids don’t care about personal space. They’d climb right inside your eyeball if they could.’ I read this on Facebook earlier today, and I’m still not sure which of these two it applies to most. Elvis or Penny. 😂
AD - What's your favourite room in the house? Up until recently, the kitchen was a firm favourite of mine (it's where the kettle and snacks are 😬). And even though our garden office was fully completed months ago, Boy Dom was still finding me hunched over the kitchen table, in front of my laptop, typing away. He just couldn't seem to prise me away from my beloved working space (and the kettle, and the snacks 😉). An empty room with one very messy desk at the bottom of the garden wasn't quite the working space I'd envisioned. 
We listened to advice and lived with an empty shell for months before we furnished it, and now thanks to @swooneditions , it's finally complete and we have a multifunctional garden office that we're all fighting to use. There's a projector and screen for movie nights galore (or, in Boy Dom's case, football), we have a cosy communal area where we can think up ideas and plan images, a beautiful coffee table to house all the mess that once lay across our desk, a side table to hold the copious amounts of cups of teas and biscuits that are consumed in there daily and a large snuggly throw - all from @swooneditions . The only question now is, will we ever get any work done? #SwoonObsessed #HomeObsessed
I gave Boy Dom my head to hold on Halloween. Today, he dropped it in a puddle. (BTS on Stories)

#dontgiveaboyyourhead 😉

Inspired by: @kylejthompson
*Warning: Smug (and a little bit braggy) status alert*

I don’t know how it’s happened, but I seemed to bagged myself the most perfect Friday night ever. Penny has been tucked up in bed since 7.30pm. Amelia is having a sleepover at a friend’s house, and Boy Dom is out drinking beer, till very late. This means I have the sofa to myself, the sweetie drawer to myself, and most importantly, the TV remote all to myself. If you share a house with anyone else then you will know what an absolute treat this is. 
I’ve applied a face mask (I’m really going all out here!). I’ve made myself a cup of tea (because that’s how rock’n’roll I am). I’m going to catch up on all of my (what Boy Dom likes to call) ‘crap’ TV programmes and then I’m going to start on the movies and the chocolate 😉. Any recommendations? And yes, the chick flicky, the better. #allthatisthree
AD - Pumpkin carving was all fun and games with the family until we told him that we liked @heinz Spiced Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Carrot soup more than him 😉 #asgoodashomemade  #HeinzSOTD #HomemadeTheHeinzWay

Credit and appreciation goes to Boy Dom for his insane carving skills 🎃.
Happy Halloween! 
Swipe to see our inspiration for today. 19th century manipulations.
Can a drop in ‘likes’ affect your mood? Is a low-performing image the cause of you crying into your morning coffee? No judgement here; we’ve all been there. @kerryvillers and I were talking about it this week, about how, at times, we feel silly or even pathetic for being so wrapped up in those double taps. But really , is it pathetic? I guess to some it would be, but when it’s your job, your passion or where you share your creative work, those red hearts are a way to track your performance or success. And yes, I know that a gazillion Instagram likes don’t equate to how successful you are (although a gazillion likes would be nice 😉), but it is tough to detach the two. 
Our #projectlittercritter images don’t always ‘perform’ as well as our others, and honestly, it did make me doubt whether or not to continue with the project. But thanks to Boy Dom, and others who made me see sense, I know that if there is any image to continue sharing on our feed, it’s this one. We enjoy creating them, we’re proud of them, it gets us out of the house (although I don’t know how much of a positive this will be through the winter 😂), it cleans up our streets, and we hope it raises awareness. So, in light of that, here’s Ms Whale. She’s a beauty, don’t you think?