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The Three....Scrooges 😉. Thankfully, our nightwear is the only resemblance that we have to Scrooge. There’s no ‘bah humbug’ in this house! Instead, we’re full of Christmas cheer, excitement, and food. 
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a magical one. #whpcelebrate
Anyone else feeling a bit ‘snowed’ under? 😉 Actually, this year has been one of my most organised Christmases to date (and by organised I mean I won’t be hitting the shops on Christmas Eve like usual). Instead I’m going to stay here, snuggled under my blankets..sorry, I mean snow...and in true snowman style, not move for the foreseeable future ⛄️ #whpcelebrate
Every Christmas Eve, after playing a game of Cinderella (the ideal way to get the kids involved in the big Christmas clean up 😉), we settle down on the sofa with cups of hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows and cream. We watch The Muppets Christmas Carol - a film I’ve watched every Christmas Eve since I was a kid. And just before Penny goes to bed we all find new pyjamas under our pillows, left there by a Christmas elf. These are our families Christmas traditions, so now you go - what are your traditions, those little details that you only do at Christmas?
I’m taking my image back. I shared a very similar image to this at the beginning of the year (the one that was stolen and then plastered all over Facebook 😡). I’ve always loved that image, so I’m taking it back. Recreating it and turning all of the negative connotations that I started associating it with into positive ones. It is Christmas after all 😉. So here is it! 
Also, I thought it was the perfect time to share who will be receiving the gift of the @rogergallet Extrait de Cologne Néroli Facétie that I posted last week - @potplantbakeandstitch DM me your details and I’ll send it to you. 
Aaaand, if you’re still here and awake 😉, my December newsletter will be sent out tomorrow. It’s all about hashtags - a topic that was brought up a lot when I asked what you wanted to know - and will include a lot of winter/festive ones for you to use. So, if you’re not already signed up but would like to receive it, head over to my site and subscribe. That is all. Have a good night ❤️😘
#sponsored - I let the girls decorate our Christmas tree on their own and I still haven’t had the heart to rearrange it 🙈. So, this is my more aesthetically pleasing Christmas tree (with @copellajuice as the star of the show ⭐️). So, for the next few weeks you’ll find me sitting beside the lovingly decorated but messy tree - the one that is only decorated around the middle in a mass of red felt - wrapping presents, eating, drinking and being very very merry. How about you? #copellajuice
Being freelance since the age of 21 meant that Boy Dom never experienced a work’s Christmas night out 😱. So, last night we gave him a taste of what it’s all about and held the first All That Is She Christmas party. Me, Boy Dom, my best friend and her husband went to the local golf club, ate a turkey dinner, drank wine and danced to all the cheesy goodness you expect to hear at a Christmas party. Obviously, it was a small affair so he probably didn’t get the full experience - nobody said inappropriate things to their boss, got too drunk and fell into the Christmas tree or kissed a colleague - so to make up for that I’d love to hear all of your funny (maybe even embarrassing) Christmas party stories. Come on, make me laugh! (I know @beforeandagain_ has already shared hers with me, so I’m hoping she now shares it with the rest of you 😉😂) #allthatisthree
Watch out Penny, this time I’m the Christmas fairy 😉 (#sponsored) - When @rogergallet asked me who I would like to gift one of their Extrait de Cologne Néroli Facétie to this Christmas so many people sprung to mind. I have so many amazing women in my family, friends who’ve been by my side since I was 4 (and are still my best friends now), and new friends that I’ve met along the way - and then I thought about you. You, as in all of you wonderful people who follow my account, support me, and give me the opportunity to do a job that I love. We interact with each other almost every day, you know my family, my ups and downs and I know yours. You offer advice when I need it, encouragement and praise, and when issues like the one that happened last week come about (image theft), you’re a force to be reckoned with (I certainly wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of you all 😉). So, as I don’t get the opportunity to show my appreciation to you very often, I want to do exactly that. I would love to gift this Extrait de Cologne Néroli Facétie to one of you. This isn’t a giveaway - no tagging of friends, no asking you to follow all accounts involved - this is just a gift, a no-strings-attached Christmas gift from me to you. I’ll be choosing at random from any of my comments on this image next week. Merry Christmas! #RogerGallet #ChristmasGifting
I’m not one to brag, Santa hat is better than yours 😝😂. Not only was @laurenastondesigns my partner in crime last week when we took on a brand for using our images without permission, she also surprised me with this epic Santa hat. *UPDATE* For all of you asking, the brand did take my images down and paid the fine that I sent to them, however (and it’s a big however), they haven’t done the same for Lauren (yet!). But, we’ll keep on pushing them until they do 👍🏻 #gifted
Caption block, you suck. Trying to come up with a collection of words that will work together to become a witty, smart and interesting caption is bloody tough - don’t you think? It’s especially hard when nothing exciting has happened since my last post yesterday. So, here’s me and Elvis just lying on the sofa chilling. He’s excited to go for a walk and I’m excited to see Russell Brand tomorrow night. And that’s it.
Classic tartan. Classic winter scarves. Classic braids. And a classic #allthatisthree for #WHPclassic.

Even though we live in the North East - where it’s cold A LOT - we’ve had zero snowfall today. It seems it’s the Southerners who are having all the fun. I know you’ll all be sick of it by now, you’ll all be snowmanned out and will have suffered one too many snowballs in the face, so I’m letting you all know that we’ll happily take it off your hands for you. Just send it up here and we promise to take good care of it 😉 #givemesnow
(#sponsored) - A certain someone will be flying across our skies very soon, and I don’t mean Penny, I’m talking about the big man in the red suit. Who’s ready for him? Will you be spending the next few weeks chilling on the sofa gloating about your organised Christmas shopping success or are you hitting the parties hard and not giving it a thought until Christmas Eve? 
You still have time to enter the @PetitBateau chic vs chill competition for your chance to win a giant stuffed toy from @bigstuffed + an instant camera SOFORT from @leicacamerafrance - just head over to their Instagram feed for more details. #PaillettesChaussettes
Cup of sparkling goodness, anyone?