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Hands up who fell asleep at 7pm putting the little one to bed and has only just woken up 🙋🏻‍♀️. Getting to sleep later is going to be fun!

A rare family photo. Proving that we don’t *always* dress alike, and that Boy Dom is a real, living and breathing human being 😉
Our plants and their pots are strewn around the garden. The garden furniture is upside down, and the washing that I put outside this morning in the hope that the strong winds would dry it in record time is now stuck on the fence, wet, and dangling into next doors garden. I think we can all agree that the season has changed. Summer is officially over. 
We’ve been chatting about the ever-changing face of Instagram over on today, and how we stay positive even when lower visibility and slower growth has become the new norm. How are you finding Instagram, right now? Have you seen or felt much change? Or is it the same app that you fell in love with all those years ago? 😉
Hands up who thinks that the sooner they invent a hoover that can suck up shoes, dolls and cuddly toys without getting blocked, the better?  #scenefromtheceiling

If you can find me a hoover of this description or a Minky cloth (if you know, you know) then let me know 😉
Penny, is that you? We BEARly recognised you 😂 #WHPperspective
Look into our eyes; look deeeeep into our eyes 🌀🌀🌀. Ever get that sneaky feeling that your kids are up to something? I could be wrong, but I think my two have mastered the art of hypnotism. That could explain how they convinced me that eating these lollies at 10am this morning was a good idea 😉  #whpperspective #allthatisthree
A Balloon To The Moon. For a joint birthday present from our family, Boy Dom and me have been given a voucher to ride in a hot air balloon - eeek! Kind of hoping a rocket doesn’t come along and pop that balloon like it did with my little red one 😉.
We created this video as part of a campaign with @instagram to highlight the benefits of shooting vertically - but it only ever made it onto Stories. We love this video, and are still so proud at how it turned out, so thought it was only right that we let it have its time to shine! 🎈
While we were collecting this week’s rubbish, a man walked past looking quite confused, probably wondering what we were doing (or going to do) with multiple bags filled with rubbish while dragging along a rusty scooter that had been left in the bushes. Penny must have sensed his confusion and proudly told him that we were collecting the litter that other people had dropped. He mumbled a ‘well done’ and very quickly hurried passed - I’m not sure he knew what else to say 😂. We have such a weird attitude towards picking up litter, and I’m not sure why. Every time we do it, we notice  all of the odd looks thrown our way. So, in the hope of changing misconceptions, encouraging us all to get creative whilst also cleaning up the planet, we’ve got something exciting planned with this hashtag. Looking forward to it 😁#projectlittercritter
When you tell the kids that you’re going to miss them on their first day back at school 🤥🤭😉 #moderndaypinocchio #objectsforoutfits
#AD - What is the date that feels special to you? ​On the 11th of November, 2010, after six weeks of non-stop Facebook messages, texting, two very successful dates and a lot of intoxicated dancing, Boy Dom asked me the big ol' question - "So like, are we an item?". I, of course, replied with a big ol' 'YES!" (there was no keeping it cool on my side). Eight years on and we live together, parent together, work together and take on the world together, and so we always make sure that we do something special on November 11th each year to celebrate the start of 'us'. And now, to capture that moment (and to prevent either of us from forgetting an anniversary because I've heard that that can cause some serious problems 😉) we've framed our @thenightskyio print that shows the night sky above Boy Dom's old house (where the big ol' question was asked) on the night that he asked it. 
Get a 10% discount on your own Night Sky when you use the code ‘ALLTHAT’ #thenightsky
Penny was right; unicorns are real 🦄😉. This is what happens when your 5-year-old’s obsession takes hold of the whole family. #allthatisthree
Meet Billy the bin bag badger. He's made up entirely from rubbish that we collected while walking in the woods near our house.

I think we can all agree the litter and littering is a huge problem right now. After we built our turtle out of the rubbish that had been found on the beaches at Batu Batu the @tengahislandconservation said something that really resonated with us: "We all see litter, but we often see it as someone else's problem - I didn't drop it, therefore it's not my responsibility to pick up. But, once it's there lying on the floor, blowing around our streets, into our forests, onto our beaches and into the sea, it is our responsibility. It's our planet and we should all be doing our bit to clean it up." I think we might have a new series on our hands - pick up litter, transform it into an animal and then dispose of it correctly - any suggestions on what the hashtag could be? #projectlittercritter
#ad - #IsItAlright that I love rollercoasters more than the girls do? We went to Alton Towers last week for part of Penny's birthday, and it turns out, I'm still a massive rollercoaster lover - for me, the faster the better. Boy Dom reverts back to being a kid again and races the crowds to beat them to the front. Amelia is hesitant at first, anxiously waiting in the queue, only to enjoy every second once the ride finally takes off. And as for Penny, well, she can't get enough. Her only grumble is that she's not tall enough to go on anything super scary and super fast (like the Nemesis or Oblivion!). So, all in all, we're a theme park loving family; the rides, the sweets, the fun and the non-stop entertainment for the kids are all a yes from us.
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