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Buddy does brunch 👌
We felt God in this Dell's tonight.
What the heeeeellllll happened to BABY Cres?!?!?! 😭
I had a rough T1D night this weekend with monitoring Cres until 5 AM Saturday night and every two hours after that until I was up for the day at 9:00 AM Sunday morning. Going without sleep on the weekends is my normal but this one had me pooped. Alyssa was there bright and early Sunday morning with my favorite coffee, giving me the motivation I needed to get the day started. I cannot express how much I appreciate her act of kindness. Not everyone is willing to get up and drive miles out to my house with a sweet delivery. Thank you, sister! 
Reminder: If you're lucky enough to have Alyssa in your life, be good to her because she is a gem and you will never find another person like her. 
#rideordie #18yearsandcounting
I just can't.
Buddy, taker of naps and cute photos 💕🐾
My morning view 😍
Happy 27th Birthday to the strongest woman and best mama out there! I hope you have the best, most relaxing day ever! We love you, Claire!
He's tall and ten and at his first spring fling. I'll cry later.
I call this one, "For Claire-Bear." Dedicated to Claire for her blooming transition into an old ass adult like me. Welcome, mama! @claireeheath
The best friends in life are the ones who worry about not having ordered enough food.