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Memphian, Dad, Vol, & MI ΑΦΑ🤙🏾FA04. Do a little comedy. Probably performed at a comedy festival near you. For booking:

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Thanks @playgrounduptown for having me headline tonight.
Monday night (Tomorrow!!) @ 8pm I’m headlining a great show @playgrounduptown with @theashernet & @anitabuen. Ditch your company holiday party & come thru. #dfwcomedy #dfwevents
Tomorrow come out to see two great shows at Backdoor Comedy Club. #dfwcomedy #dfwevents
Just read the backstory of this young woman & juxtapose that against the Baylor frat president who got to purchase his freedom for essentially $400.
Had a good time last night headlining @checkeredpastwinery show that my man @tomsmithisreal put on. Much appreciation to him & the other comics for having me. #standupcomedy
One more time for the folks in the back. I’m headlining this show, so you should bring everybody you know. Plus there’s wine 🍷 #dfwcomedy #dfwevents
What they don’t tell you about having a 2 year old: they will destroy your Spotify. The hell is a Raffi?!? He don’t got not slappers if you older than 6.
Make plans to come out & have a few laughs tomorrow night. #dfwcomedy #dfwevents
One week from now I’ll be headlining a very funny show where you can get wine tipsy (not drunk, I only encourage responsible drinking) on a Wednesday. What more can you ask for. #dfwcomedy #dfwevents
Today marks 112 years for my frat. Founded on an ICE COLD Tuesday. 06 to the good bruhs & always one time for my beloved Mu Iota & my line the Nine Immortals. Enjoy founders day bruhs. #ΑΦΑ #longliveMI
Always good times slinging jokes at Backdoor. #standupcomedy #dfwcomedy