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It's 70 and sunny in Salem today! This weather has got me going bananas and so does this bag! This cute makeup bag by @slantcollections and the weather reminds me of sweet taste of summer. Get your's at
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Gold kisses on this Wednesday afternoon! Find your gold kiss wine tray at
Getting my tea ready for snuggle time! Peppermint tea is my fav! What’s yours? #namastayinbed Shop for jumbo size @slantcollections mugs!
Nothing spooky here! Just an adorable DIY unicorn pumpkin! πŸ“· @asthebunnyhops
@ahoymiss and @lalafauxbois are gold stars in our book ⭐️Gold star flask purse available at Keep shinning girls!
It's baking season! Mama's homemade cookies deserve a special jar! Get your pink pineapple cookie jar at And remember to never share the family secret recipe!
this peach cross body bag is the besssst and not just cuz peaches remind me of bums πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ’• get yours (the bag, not bums! πŸ˜‚) at πŸ“· by @iamlazykat
Don't you hate when magical places are on Pinterest with no credit? How can I go to here (#lizlemon) if I don't know where it is? Any ideas? 🌸
"Give neither advice nor salt unless you are asked for it." raise your hand if you offer unsolicited advice? βœ‹πŸ»guilty! But working on it. πŸ™‚ pink salt πŸ“· from @laurenconrad_com
Punch today in the face, friends. πŸ’• @goodeystudio mug available at
Dear Dunkin' Donuts Drive Thru Gentleman, Thank you for not judging me in my sheepy night gown this morning, with my pint-sized-wonder-woman-jammies-clad-4yearold-bff in the back seat. We were singing Haim's "I want you back" more loudly and more off key than is appropriate ever, and certainly at 7 am. XOXO, White Toyota Camry 347,746,755. (Second slide: the before mentioned sheepie jammies.)