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DAY 16 - this is my sick outfit. I’m so sorry but the past couple of days have been me coming down with something... not sure what it is but I’ve been sleeping a lot and trying to regain my strength.... on a more positive note, today I had to gather myself up to do something super important this morning and if my being honest it drained the little energy I had... however with it comes very good news that I will disclose soon 💕
DAY 15 - today’s outfit is not really that interesting... it’s one of those cleaning days so.... yeaaaa just lounging 💁
DAY 14 💕
DAY 14 💕
DAY 14 - I swear the weather here is bipolar... it was snowing yesterday and now it’s sunny LOL
DAY 13 - it’s so important to note that we may not always have the best words for our loved ones but it’s so important to remain supportive and present as much as possible.
DAY 13
DAY 13 - it’s been such a busy day you guys !!! How are you
DAY 12 - would you prefer to spend the holidays at home with family or at a place or country you’ve always wanted to visit ?
DAY 12
DAY 12 - I actually have a Christmas party to go to for a change 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m usually always doing makeup for people that are going to party’s but not todayyyyy... should I film a GRWM?
DAY 11 - I’m dreaming of something bigger than myself and it feels so scary yet so good. 🤷🏻‍♀️✨ I hope that this hard work all pays off someday.. this is one of my biggest worries... anyone else ?