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Happy October! We've opened the Media Center where you can see different fan arts made by me. In honor of opening the new section of the site, I made a few new covers for a physical CD (front, back, inside, CD, and booklet). Check them out. And yeah, we're probably going to be moving to another hosting due to some reasons. We'll tell you when we do it you to be aware of possible downs
➡️ MEDIA CENTER: http://alyandajrussia/media/
➡️ Aly & AJ (@alyandaj) at the 6th Annual Women Making History Awards [09/16/17]
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Aly & AJ's music video for #TakeMe is out now! @alyandaj did such an amazing job. You must watch this video right now.
The latest posts on Aly & AJ's Instagram... Something is gonna happen on September, 14th. Judging AJ's latest post on Instagram, it's gonna be a music video for #TakeMe! ❤️❤️❤️ Finally, the music video is coming!😍😍😍
Happy September, everybody! ⭐️ Meet Aly & AJ Russia 3.0 | See new layouts for Home, Gallery and Lyrics, read an announcement & tell us what you think | 💗
@alyandaj (@iamaly @iamaj)'s #TakeMe is available anywhere! Get your copy now on iTunes/Google Play & stream it on Spotify/Tidal/Deezer #AlyAndAJAreBack
The time for changes has come! As you see, we've updated the layout of Twitter and Facebook, and can come back on September, 1st for what we've made. 😍💗
Been waiting for this photoshoot for so long! Aly & AJ's photoshoot for Refinery 29 (@refinery29)! They look so gorgeous😍😍! @iamaly @iamaj @alyandaj 🍑 #AlyAndAJAreBack. Read their interview, see the photos and - YOU MUST - watch the video of the girls singing "Potential Breakup Song" karaoke😍😍. Feeling such nice and warm feelings...💗💗
Have. No. Words. My queens are just perfection! @alyandaj @iamaly @iamaj 🍑#AlyandAJAreBack
Join the Aly & AJ's Q&A at 3:00pm PST / 1:00 AM MSK and ask them anything you want! | And don't forget to support them by buying, streaming or gifting their brand new single #TakeMe | 🍑 #AlyandAJAreBack
#TakeMe by @alyandaj is out now. Get your copy of the single now: 🍑 #AlyandAJAreBack
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