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‪The midterms are upon us November 6th and young voices have power!  For the first time many of you have the opportunity to direct this great country (and in the bigger picture, the future of this planet) in a pragmatic, compassionate, safe and open-minded direction. ‬Your vote can ensure the preservation of the precious environment and the protection of basic human rights that everyone deserves no matter age, race, gender, status or religion‪.‬ I hope someday to also have the chance to help shape this wonderful country, until then, many of you DO have the opportunity to exercise this liberty and change the unfortunately intolerant trajectory this country is headed. Your voice matters! #vote‬
Tourist. 🌃
Oh ok. 🌙✨
Today is #worldmentalhealthday. 
Check in on one another, the quiet and the loud.  Be kind to yourself and know that you are enough. You have the love, generosity, patience and strength inside of you to fill oceans. Whatever you’re going through there are people who can listen and help.
This was me when summer was still happening. Summer is gone now. Barely got a tan. It was all fake. Boogie boogie ⭐️
Dancing shoes. 🌸
Day dreaming. ✨
Subtlety is not my forte.🧚🏼‍♀️ Head to @welovecoco to see my full tutorial with the wonderful @kateleemakeup #welovecoco #workingwithchanel ✨
Tonight, one of my favourite people has his @feartwd directorial debut. I don’t know anyone who works as hard, as much and is as extra whilst doing it than @kingofbingo. I’m so proud of him. Go show him some love. ✨💀