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Sunday’s are for brunch and pinball. And girl power, obviously (even though this was taken yesterday).
I try to remind myself not to get caught up in the routine of life in a way that strays me from the path of creativity. But it’s so easy to do. It’s so easy to let routine run the show, it’s so easy to let the comparison to others crush what makes you different - because maybe you’re not different ‘enough’ or maybe you’re not different in the trendy way that everyone else is. When I was a teenager, I spent every waking moment writing. Writing songs, writing stories, writing expressive blog posts. I never sat down to create, because I wove the fabric of each day with every move I made - everything I did was creating something. Now I sit down with the intention to create. I sit down and try to force inspiration to flow and try to find something to say. But it’s hard, and it’s only hard because I’m trying. I don’t want to worry about what’s marketable, about what is clever, what’s catchy, what’s aesthetically pleasing. I don’t want to try, I just want to do. I don’t want to be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish lost in a school of clones. I just want to swim.
Probably no term describes me better than ‘extroverted introvert’. People are constantly telling me how bubbly, energetic, and friendly I am, and assume that socializing is something that’s easy for me. When the occasion calls, I’m able to come out of my shell and invite conversation, but if that interaction is not presented in front of me, I’m absolutely horrible at pursuing it on my own. I can never make the first move to spark a conversation, I dread the thought of small talk, and I’m a total hermit by nature. I’m trying to overcome that, and be the one to make things happen. Social media has always been a welcoming place to me because it makes those interactions easier, being that they’re not face-to-face. As a songwriter, I want to collaborate with more people, to make connections with likeminded artists. As an individual, I want to develop more relationships that feel easy and mutual. It’s definitely a work in progress.
I only have an Instagram husband (fiancé) on the weekend’s because of Kevin’s work schedule, so it’s totally hard to get my feed looking the way I want when I have nobody to take outfit photos for me! So for now, this’ll do. I’ve had my eye on this shirt at a boutique we visit for ages and finally picked one up! I’m thinking this will be my casual date-day outfit Saturday. We have a meeting scheduled with a caterer for our engagement party, and I’m thinking we’ll go see Game Night!
It’s rainy but we had brunch and Kevin got me an adorable shirt that says ‘girl power’ and a new hat (not the one I’m wearing) and we’ve been doing some major engagement party planning. Totally content. Happy Saturday 💞
I’ve had an amazingly busy week! 4 writing sessions, 3 of them for Brooke Simpson who just placed 3rd on The Voice. Cant wait for you all to hear everything I’ve been working on! I also created a second Instagram account dedicated to just my songwriting/music, so if you want to give that a follow, it’s @alyjahjadedecker 💞
Happy Valentine’ Day 💞
We just finished watching Definitely, Maybe, and it’s truly occurring to me that I literally ALWAYS correctly predict the outcome of every movie we see. There can be a total twist, but I always see it coming, because that’s how I would write it 😂 What are your favorite movies on Netflix right now? *featuring very frizzy hair*
Is anyone else celebrating Valentine’s Day tonight? We’re going to one of our favorite Atlantic City restaurants tonight for dinner, and having an otherwise quiet night. It’s our first engaged Valentine’s, but our 5th together, and we’re trying not to go ‘all out’ this year when we can save our money for more important things. But going out to dinner for a special night together is something we like to do, regardless of a holiday telling us to! I’d love to know what everyone else has planned! 💞 
I just got this romantic lace top in the mail yesterday and it’s probably my new favorite! Follow the link below (or in my bio) to order yours. Only $17.90! 😍  #liketkit
These next few days are the calm before the storm that will be a week packed of writing sessions. A few years ago, I saw my favorite band perform, and they played a new song thats opening line was “I don’t wanna write another song that nobody will hear.” At that point in time, I was a fed up artist, who had spent 7 years making music that was never released, meeting with major labels hoping the next meeting would be ‘the one’, changing everything about myself every time I realized who I was just wasn’t working. I was sick of creating music that I loved and was proud of and put my soul into, and then never being able to have another pair of ears hear it. I never used to want to write for other singers, I didn’t want someone else speaking my words and claiming my feelings. Now, I see how incredible it is - it’s like removing a filter and saying things I’ve always wanted to but never felt comfortable to with who I was as an artist. Now I can write for any style, any feeling, any listener. Now I can hear the stories of others and help them turn them into songs. I’m done waiting for things to happen, I’m done hoping something big will walk into my life. If I want something, I’ll make it happen on my own. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m so excited for you all to hear these projects I’m working on right now, with artists you know. It’s only up from here.
A month into the new year and we’re still on our healthy eating kick! I’m already 7lbs down and excited to see more come off, but I won’t lie, I’m getting a little bored with the meals I’ve been cooking us. Tonight I’ll be attempting spaghetti squash! As a major foodie, cutting down to simple, fairly plain recipes has definitely had its downsides. What are your favorite healthy recipes that I can add to my menu? #liketkit