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Sometimes, I want to move solely so that I can have an instagram-able house, but then I remember how silly that is and how there’s more to life that having the perfect lighting and decor on a little grid of photos 🤦🏼‍♀️ There are so many pages here on IG with the perfect settings, the perfect outfits, the perfect poses, and perfect framing, and I always wonder - who the heck is taking your photos day-in and day-out?! Could seriously use some tips because I miss making more content! On another note: Kevin and I just reached a new level of townie when we walked into our local bagel shop and the girl at the register asked if we wanted our usual orders 😂🙌🏻
You know what’s strange? One of my biggest characteristics used to be oversharing, over-feeling, and even being overly sensitive. I’m a writer, and with that, a reader, so when I was a bit younger I always viewed life through 12pt Times New Roman glasses - everything is emotional, everything has purpose, every moment is a crucial piece of the story. Then my perspective flipped like a page in that book and I became more business-minded, professionally focused, reserved of my emotions, and sometimes even a little irritated by the exact ‘oversharing’ that I used to do. Emotions are bad, transparency is weak, revealing too much is dangerous (you’ll embarrass yourself, you’ll seem pathetic). I fell into the ‘show your organic life on social media, but just make it look organic, when really you left the house today solely to get a new photo on your feed so that people don’t forget you exist’ trap. But seriously, why? Why build a wall around yourself not to disrupt people IRL, and then paint pretty pictures on that wall to satisfy people on social media? It’s silly; I used to take a shit photo of something stupid, slap a tacky border over it, shoot it off into the abyss and then strangers online had conversations with me and, my goodness, they were good. Now I get genuinely upset if I don’t get the perfect shot during my night out and want to go home because what is the point of doing something if nobody gets to see it, right? Not right. This was supposed to be a lead-in sentence or two setup for a caption about my year, but I think I’ll leave it at this, because 2019 is going to go back to that 2009 honesty because I want to connect and I want to feel free and I just want more. So what do you want this year?
It’s the most wonderful day of the year ❤️🎁🎄🍪⛸❄️ Soaking up every second of it! Merry Christmas 💫
It’s about time for a Christmas party 🎄🎅🏻
Wrapping is seriously one of my favorite parts of Christmastime 🎁 Everyone gets their own special wrapping papers and color schemes! These are some of my dads presents! 🎅🏻
For me, drastic changes need to be done impulsively, before I give myself too much time to weigh the different outcomes. Typically, the only thing that ever drastically changes is my hair - like when the redhead who swore she’d never have short hair chopped it all off above the shoulders and dyed it white blonde 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve finally decided to get the 70’s/Bridget Bardot bangs I’ve always had my eye on, and I know I have to do it ASAP before I change my mind! Don’t get used to this hair, because there’s a chop in my future 😏 (just the bangs though, because I still want this hair to be LONG!)
We’re about to head into the city to see the tree 🎄 It’s always a crowded nightmare but, hey, I like tradition 🤷🏼‍♀️🎅🏻
Unlike me to post a video like this on my IG, but Love of My Life has been playing on a never-ending loop in my head 24/7, so my dad (who suddenly decided to be a pianist last month 😂) decided to learn it real quick. This is a song that feels nice to sing, so I thought maybe it’d be nice to hear as well. If you love Queen as much as I do, let me know in a comment 🥀 I’ll probably delete this after a day
What’s the red cup supposed to be? It looks like flames to me 🔥🤷🏼‍♀️ Guess what I’m drinking! 👇🏻
Today has been one full year engaged ❤️ Celebrating with eggnog and Christmas movies right by the tree 🎄 | Repost with the edit everyone voted for! Outfits from @express
What’s your favorite Christmas movie?! 🎄👇🏻
Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃 What’s your favorite thing to eat for the holiday? Mine is my moms Sweet Potato Casserole!