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sad boi 😢
30 hours and DONE 💦
Madonna and Child ca. 2018
really hit a wall on this piece and my productivity turned to shit, BUT i’m back at it and will hopefully finish it soon 🤞 ~25 hrs in
~20 hrs in 💧
~15 hrs in, still pretty ugly but we’re getting there!! 🌸
check out this hot mess WIP!! at this point, i’m beginning to mix colors and things are starting to take form. i’m going to try to take a pic after every 5 hours on this bad boy - this pic is ~10 hrs in
really ugly progress pic!! i’m about 5 hours in on this piece and this whole beginning part just consists of putting down general base colors. it’s boring and grindy and very ugly but you gotta get through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff! 💫
rejections suck 😢 but here’s a detail of my latest baby ✨
A Safe Place 💖
~big thank you to @bigbusinessmonkey for letting me use her photo as a reference!!~
The Slow Rot of the Thinker of Tender Thoughts: A Shel Silverstein Inspired Piece 🥀
sneak peak of my sweet boy 💖