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From Oahu Hawaii

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One of my favorite places ❤️ PC @lancifer
I’m happy when Noa is happy and I think visa versa 💕
Glad the sun is back ☀️ 📸 @chris_kelly_frothylip
Thanks for my new goodies @cameronhawaii @cameronhawaii_hnl 💕
Love having the sun back 💕@loversfriendsla @revolve #revolveme
The sun came back out today ❤️
Good bye to the weekend 💋 @H.OURS #hersmineours @revolve 📸 @chissta
Iced coffee please ❤️ @H.OURS #hersmineours @revolve 📸 @chissta
Waiola Shave Ice ❤️ a way to a town girls heart, and maybe one day Noa’s too, but not just yet 💕
Chopped the mop ✂️ thank you 💕
Noa loves waterfalls just like his mama 💕