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Apprentice @ Richard Nicholas Hair Studio
Philadelphia, PA ✂️☠️
✨Currently looking for hair models, DM if interested!✨

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Me and my babe @quietcoolkid
When my mind needs a rest I head for my local cemetery. My creepy childhood obsession of walking where ghosts live puts me at ease. Especially this abandoned place. 💕
My little nugget butt is really good at snuggles 💕
Happy frickin birthday to this beautiful angel who shares my love of nachos, acme cookies, SNL skits and a hatred for cilantro. Here's to saying things at the same time. Love ya bitch 💕💕 @kelseyreres
Mama's lil angel (devil) 💎💕
Wishing this babe @feliciawxoxo the happiest of birthdays! Another year of us getting into trouble 😈 time to turn up lady!
Me and @angelamariebartoli both had the same look in mind for work today and people are really confused. We threw @quietcoolkid in there for good measure #twinning #bestassistantsintheworld
It's been awhile since I've posted anything but @the.mother.goose came to work today to let me play with her hair and we're obsessed. I need models for workshop if anyone is interested in being a color or cut model message me! 💕💕💕
#tbt for #nationalpuppyday to when this little doggo was just a babe. Almost 2 now they grow up so fast 😭
I'm currently looking for people interested in being hair models for me! If anyone (or anyone you know) is interested in a free haircut or reduced color service, send me a message! It's much appreciated 🤗