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This beautiful place. It holds so many memories. My baby brother sent it to me today, on the 11th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. Growing up it was our family getaway. On our way to the cabin (in Skykomish near Steven’s Pass) we’d stop at the penny candy store and the library to stock up on books to read in front of the fire. I’d read for hours and hours. We’d walk up to the train tracks and put pennies on it. Then collect them and be so excited how flattened they were. After my Dad was diagnosed with ALS, when Steven and I started dating, I’d bring him up there to truly spend time together as a family. Cookouts and fires, game nights and nights sitting on the porch listening to the river rage. Throwing coins into the wishing well, riding quads, jumping into freezing water off the rope swing and snow snow snow. Steven and I fell in love at the cabin. We got married there on the front lawn! Our family had the best memories (and some of the hardest) there. It was my Dad’s favorite place. We miss you everyday Dad. And the butterflies have been in full effect lately, hovering around us and reminding us that you’re still with us always ❤️
On Father’s Day before you became a Dad, it wasn’t the easiest day for us, with both of our Dad’s passed away. But now that you’re a Father, we’ve come to enjoy the day celebrating you. Steven you’re such an incredibly hilarious, joy-filled and patient Dad. You’re always so present with the kids. They love you so so very much and I’m so grateful for you! Thank you for always putting up with our shenanigans (swipe to see the photo of him as Santa) and loving our family so very much. Happy Father’s Day Steven!
Shooting a wedding in Alaska has always been on my bucket list. And when Jaycie (a photographer herself) asked if I’d consider coming to Sitka, Alaska for her wedding I think I squealed with excitement! On Friday we flew in and explored this absolutely beautiful part of Southeast Alaska, and then photographed Jaycie and Ajay’s wedding the next day. We saw whales, bald eagles everywhere, jelly fish, sea otters and lions. It was a whirlwind trip and my heart is just so incredibly full thinking about how dang lucky we are to do what we do! That this sweet couple would fly us out and give us the opportunity to be a part of their wedding day. It was one for the books! Swipe to see more!
These two, and their sweet brother Cooper in heaven, made me a Mom. I know that Mother’s Day is really difficult for so many. Those who lost their Mom, those who yearn to become a Mom, those who have lost sweet babies and remember them so fiercely on this day. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for these beautiful souls. They make my world go round. I get to be their Mom and they truly bring me so much laughter, exhaustion (seriously) and complete joy ❤️ Sending so much love to all the Moms, soon to be Moms and lost Moms today.
There really isn’t a way to describe how much I love and appreciate my Mom. Seeing her completely joyful with all of her grand babies makes so happy! I’m sure holding these little loves reminds her of the days she would wrangle us everywhere. Cook us meals, bathe us, entertain us, read us bed time stories. Constantly guiding us and loving us even on days when let’s be honest, I’m sure we were completely nuts. Parenting is SO hard and now that I am a Mom, my appreciation for the childhood I had & the incredible adventures and memories we made is indescribable. She showed up for us everyday & still does. Always. She’s the real MVP! We love you Mom!
I’ve been so excited to post this but we have a house! On Thursday this beautiful town will be home! I’ve always loved the charm and family feel of Gig Harbor, but then discovered awesome schools and much more opportunity to finally have a big yard again!
Steven and I over the past few months have been visiting Gig Harbor, took the kids to the parks, explored neighborhoods and so, we found “the” house (this market is CRAZY!) and recently closed!
It’s been a hectic few months transitioning and I’m SO thankful to my Mom for having us and our kid mess these last two months!
Everything with our business stays the same (except for an extra 20 minutes drive time when we shoot Seattle/Snoho but less for our Peninsula weddings!) We are so so excited! Gig Harbor here we come! 🤗🤗🤗🎉🏡
When you fly all the way across the country and plan the most magical day at @treehousepoint and in true PNW style it rains. HARD. These two were complete rockstars and never complained about the weather. Not once. We brought clear umbrellas and a white sheet to keep the dress super clean (they flew to Malaysia for their traditional ceremony the very next day). And guess what? It was just as incredible and magical of a day as any sunny dreamy day! When you’re marrying your soul mate, two physicians who met in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, all that matters is that you’re sharing an incredible day with the love of your life. The rest will fall into place. And it did. And it was truly a magical, foresty fairy tale day at #treehousepoint Have you ever been there? Did you know you can stay overnight in their treehouses and have an awesome homemade breakfast the next day?!
These little cuties crack me up! When you work (primarily) from home and it’s Spring Break (last week) you spend most of the week charting the waters of balancing family time but also getting work done, all without completely demolishing the house with kid stuff! 🔸I’m thankful that Friday’s weather was awesome so that the whole crew could head to #rattlesnakelake while I shot engagement photos out there too! 🔸My favorite part of Maddux’s week off was watching he and Avery truly entertain each other! They have their own little way of chasing each other around and making each other laugh. Avery’s really missing him this morning! 🔸 It’ll be fun to see what wedding season and Summer brings! Tell us about your fav ways to keep the kids busy and content over the Summer while working from home!
Bridesmaids that keep you laughing, are happy to help and truly enjoy the day with you are the BEST!🔸 Kaitlyn and Kyle’s wedding was so calm, relaxed and beautiful!!! It was the perfect way to get the season really started at @hiddenmeadows ! Go see their beautiful day with Spring blooms galore on the blog today!
Steven and I have been married for 12 years this Summer. TWELVE! We picked a location that was so meaningful to us. My aunt did all the florals (she was still a florist at the time) and everything was whimsical and gorgeous. It was simple, yet really personalized to us. By the time of the wedding my Dad wasn’t walking anymore, but he happily walked me down the aisle in his wheelchair. & what do I have left to remember the day? My photos!
If I knew then, what I know now, I would have done a few things differently, just to reduce some of the stress for my family, and myself!
1.) Hire a wedding planner! Or a day of, at a minimum. My Mom is the first to say that she doesn’t remember a whole lot about our wedding day before she was busy doing evverrrything. Literally. Everything.
2.) Hire a REAL hair and makeup artist, and do a trial! Not knowing how I wanted my hair to look come wedding day was incredibly overwhelming! HMU artists know what works best for your hair, the correct makeup etc. It would have been a more relaxing pre-first look time for me if I did that.
3.) Don’t be SO picky on choosing literally Trust your DJ. It’s totally ok to pick your must-haves for first dances, but after that, trust your DJ to really run the show based on the genres you like, and the guests response to it.
4.) Don’t pick up your own wedding cake! ! I remember my sweet Mom stressing about getting it home without a disaster, then figuring out how to put all the layers together. Stress!
5.) Truly know what to expect from your photographer. We didn’t do engagement photos (big mistake) and were nervous about what to expect from our photographer, day of the wedding, and after. Communication is so so important. Do you get a next day preview? How does your photographer give guidance/direction? Do they know the photo groupings you need? Do they backup your images? Do they have the timeline? Do they shoot with emphasis on capturing your details? 12 years later & the photos are still it. So having all expectations laid out makes everyone more at ease.
If there was anything you’d do differently about your wedding, post below and tag a friend!
Karen and Andy both moved to Queen Anne. They both lived in the same building but didn’t know each other. That all changed one day after an afternoon of laundry, drinks, laughter and conversation. They fell in love and really the rest is history. 🔸
Their wedding at @hollywoodschoolhouse with @simplybytamaranicole and @fenaflowers was the perfect mix of classic beauty, peonies and the sweetest, most joyful people. 🔸
As we near the end of “off season” (let’s be honest, it’s more like engagement photos, consult, blogging, gear maintenance, website and magazine guide updates and more season) I have all the feels for these incredible 2017 weddings!
So many beautiful weddings, engagements and personal blog posts will be up in the coming weeks! Karen + Andy’s wedding day is on the blog today, go see! (Link in bio!)
Easter family photo! Photo credit to my Mom! As photographers we document so much of everyone else’s families but truly getting us all in front of the camera doesn’t happen as often as it should! Life gets so busy and then we blink and the kids are growing like weeds and the crazy of days is something I know we’ll miss someday. Let’s be honest, when did YOU get in front of the camera?
After loosing Cooper and then getting pregnant right away, I felt like I never had the chance to get my bod back! Feeling stuck in the “mom bod” (is there even such a term?) has been a struggle for me. I want to jump in every photo with the kids, but then we also pick ourselves apart.
But guess what? Our kids don’t see us that way. In fact, we’re the light of their lives and we make their worlds go round. So next time you’re feeling like you should just take the photo of your kids, jump in it instead! You’ll be so glad you did.