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One of the best compliments in this business is when the vendors you love and respect then hire you for their own wedding! Jess + Alex are the sweetest and OMG that red dress in the snow = 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #engagementseason #lloydphotographers #snoqualmiepass #eventfulmomentsllc #lennylove
Year 30 was really good to me! We welcomed sweet Avery into our family, really got our new home the way we wanted it, our business thrived and we grew as a family, and individually. I learned to slow down when the opportunity presented itself, to revel in the little things and not let the most precious of moments pass by me. So cheers to 30, and tomorrow, bring it on 31!
As we get finalize plans for next weekends WEDDING, I find myself reminiscing on what a wonderful 2017 season it’s been. I can’t believe I’m saying this but we’re almost fully booked for 2018! If you’re getting married next year and have been eyeballing us, this is the time! I want to want to hear about those wedding plans! Blush was definitely the color for 2017, wonder what next years will be? I’m thinking sea foam green or cream/gray!
A WHOLE lot of photos of my sweet family on the feed lately and that is SO OK with me! This little love turned 9 months old yesterday and I’m a bit shocked with how fast the time is completely flying by! She finally has a tooth! She’ll be crawling any day now (take your time Av, no need to rush). She’s saying mama, Da Da(all day everyday) and ba ba in the right context and can go from being a babbling girl to super curious and quiet around new people. She’s loving food and getting super into her pups and her sippy cup. She’s THE most chill, content and easy going baby I’ve ever known and we’re so grateful for her awesome sleeping and joyful heart! 21.5 lbs (you totally read that correctly). I’ll be so sad when all her rolls and hand/foot fat pads are gone! She’ll get to see Santa for the first time this week and just is the most loveable little princess ever!
This sweet little pup of ours gave us a scare today. Jaxon is one of those “dogs that will live forever” and I’m certain has far more than “9 lives” than a cat ever has. Over the years he’s been the wonder dog that keeps on prevailing. I can remember picking him up the airport. He was itty bitty (he still is) with gigantic ears far larger than his body. I’ll never forget when he jumped out the window of a moving vehicle (the window was barely open), or the times he was bit by a VERY poisonous snake. And the vet at the time said he was THE wonder dog because he shouldn’t have survived the venom. Or the years of skin and allergy issues. He’s just one of those bizarre dogs that never gives us. 7 lbs, with only half of his fur but thinks he’s a giant! But he loves our family fearlessly. He doesn’t want to be pet but he loves to cuddle up to our golden retriever, Elley, and he absolutely loves wearing sweaters! He’d prefer to be left alone BUT he’s the most protective dog and literally sits at the top of the stairs while we put the kids to bed on “watch” and doesn’t miss a beat. I spent far too much time with him at the vet today, thinking today was the end of his “9 lives” but again, he prevails! We’re hoping he’s on the up and up soon!
Our entry way is all Christmafied! Am I the only one excited to start wrapping gifts because the amazon boxes are starting to seriously pile up in the office? 🤦🏼‍♀️ This year I really want Maddux to understand the reason for the season and so he picked a few tags from the giving tree at church to shop for other kids for Christmas. The best part was that he was so excited to bless someone else this holiday season. It’s not all we want to do for others but it’s a start! What are your favorite holiday traditions that you do for others? Give us some ideas!
And that’s a WRAP! This week I delivered my final wedding of our main 2017 season and can hardly believe all our editing is d.o.n.e! A lot of people ask about editing and the truth is that It’s a group effort with Steven and I! Steven backs up our files, culls through all of them and imports our standard edits on the final set, while I edit the final images, export them, backup again and deliver them to our couples! I️t feels good to be able to step back (atleast just a little) from the computer screen and enjoy the holidays!
When your puppy and your big sis are already your Bffs. Can’t even believe that Maddy & Anup are now a family of 4! (+ puppy Diego) ❤️you guys! More in my insta story!
Still a Coug no matter what 🤷‍♀️#gocougs
It’s small business Saturday and we’re live with our biggest sale of the year! If you have a photo gallery online with us, shop for 30% off all products in your gallery (prints canvas and gift cards!) Our albums are also 30% off! Use the link in profile for album or gift card orders! Our 2018 brides are ordering their albums in advance too! Add an additional 10% for parent albums! Good through December 2!
THANK YOU so much to @laurelcreekmanor for so graciously hosting our holiday minis this year! We had 14 sessions with the most joyful and precious couples and families today and it totally put me in the holiday spirit! Go check instastories for a preview for everyone! So glad my own family was able to hop in a few photos at the end too! Thanks @aliciapetitt ❤️❤️
FRIENDS! We are live on our website and blog! Go take a peek at all our hard work! And the winner of the holiday mini session slot is..... drumroll..... @carlylesyk ! Message me for the time slot for Sunday!