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Goodness, where does the time go? We look forward to seeing THIS Santa every year at Macy’s. When I was a little girl my Mom got us all dressed up and we went downtown to see department store Santa, put our letters in his mailbox and now we do the same thing with the kids every year with my Mom. Except our annual downtown Santa visit now includes the carousel and PF Chang’s ;)
It’s crazy for me to think that the year isn’t over yet but our 2019 season is fully booked (sweet brides, keep reading! We might have availability for you still)
So many incredible weddings to look forward to this coming year with an unusually nicely spread year which means we’ll actually have a Summer! What a truly honored and humbled feeling that is!
We’ve been so sad to get so many inquiries from sweet brides on dates that we are booked. But we have an amazing group of photographer friends to refer you to!
The flip side to that, is that because we booked our full season for 2019 very evenly throughout the year, we still *might have your date open! If you’re thinking about contacting us, don’t wait! Floral and Design: @eventfulmomentsllc
It’s beginning to look like Christmas! Raise your hand if you barely made it til after Thanksgiving (if you even made it) to decorate for the holidays 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
Forever grateful to be blessed these beautiful babies, their Dad, my family, friends and our sweet couples. Truly humbled by them all ❤️from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!
Parents with littles, what are your best tips for keeping them happy on an airplane? Maddux is a pro but Avery is a newbie!
Happy Veteran’s day! This was the last “official” photo Steven took with his unit. 12 years he gave to our country. I felt so honored to be asked to take this photo! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m so glad he’s home safe as a civilian now but I do miss seeing him in his uniform ;) We love you babe! Thank you to all of those who did or do serve this beautiful country we call home!
People ask us after nearly ten years of being a photographer and shooting over 350 weddings what we love most about the wedding day. Hands down, it is meeting couples and seeing them truly bring out the best in each other. It’s the couples whose love gives you that pit in your stomach (the good kind) that make me think to yourself “I’m so lucky to be a wedding photographer!” The couples who have a connection that just makes everyone SO pumped that they’re getting married! -
We’re so grateful for 2018 and the upcoming 2019 season!  I can hardly believe we are fully booked for next year before the holidays! (We have a few dates left that we’re open to adding but that’s it!)
What a blast today was! Happy Halloween! Swipe to see the whole MARIO crew! What did you guys dress up as?
Flashback to the cutest little unicorn and LEGO Batman you ever did see! This year we’re doing a family themed costume, and having a family Halloween party and EVERYONE is participating in the theme! I can’t wait to share! What are you or your kiddos dressing up as!? (Swipe to see all Maddux’s costumes over the years!)
Photos of our own family! ☑️ If only you could have seen the behind the scenes of this, with the tripod and our phone as the remote and trying so hard to have good posture, get the kids to look at the 📷 and not act crazy. I should have hired one of our photog friends, clearly! But, honestly it’s so easy to do everyone else’s engagement photos and family photos in the fall and not do our own (the mechanics car always gets worked on last as Steven says, right?). It’s so easy to say “it’s too much work” or “we’ll do it later” but then later doesn’t come and we blink and the kids are SO big and holy cow where did the time go?! I think these were a success!
Rolling into a little wedding season break like ^^^ 🤪These sweet babies. They’re so good. They’ve taken wedding season with several different baby sitters, family members, a move, travels and a new good (because let’s be honest, wedding days for photographers + travel from the Harbor are long) like champs and have been so joyful and easy going. Steven and I definitely hit the kiddo lottery. #gohawks #12sonq #12s #little12 #seahawks #babyhawks