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Their super secret hiding spot 沍ソ#siblinghoodlove
Sun is finally out 泗交沛シ笘ク
Ten years ago he was super into me, making me laugh and driving me crazy all in one....and me, I was full of facial expressions, yet loving all of his craziness bc he was the most unique and loving guy I had ever met. None of that has changed and I wouldn窶冲 have it any other way. 汳
Whether you窶决e from out of town or part of our tribe, we would love for you to tune in! @rockcitycorpus 
Or subscribe to our YouTube channel for live streaming every Sunday 泗交沛シ
Looking out at our backyard all I can think of is just how long it has been since we窶况e enjoyed this space. Summer cannot get here soon enough. There窶冱 just something about months of gloomy, cold weather that starts to make you feel kind of similar. Come on sunshine. Come on swim days. And mainly, come on fun and laugher. 笘ク条汳
Shame says 窶弩ho are you to speak?窶 But transparency & vulnerability breaks all shame, opens hearts and brings healing. .
May we choose vulnerability over shame every time. It窶冱 the only way to freedom and wholehearted living 汳票沒ク@rockcitycorpus]  #flourishwomen
Ever try reading while being anxiously stared at? She wants to play 洟ヲ沛シ窶坂凰ク条沽 #goldendoodlelove #javagirl
I find his love and heart for our Father to be the most attractive quality above any other. .
Single ladies窶廃lease don窶冲 settle for anything less than a man completely sold out, madly in love with God. It窶冱 the single most important quality that stands the test of time, trials, loss, it makes life a ton of fun when you窶决e one, working together with a shared purpose. The only purpose that truly fulfills our hearts. 汳 [沒ク@rockcitycorpus]
I find myself taking photos of ivy everywhere I go and putting ivy plants all over our home and coffee shops any chance I get. They just speak such life, growth, and redemption to my heart. I wonder if that will ever get old. Right now, I can窶冲 imagine. 沍ソ
Faith is rising up like ivy
Reaching for the light
Hope is stirring deep inside me
Making all things right 汳
Ten years of friendship means we窶况e been through all of the ups and downs life has offered...yet we窶况e always managed to share laughs more than anything else. These friends of ours are pretty special...And Mere, well, she窶冱 my person. 汳
Sunday mornings are our fav. 笨ィ #sundaymorning #rockcitycorpus #coffeewavesflourbluff
Our @coffeewavesporta shop is restored to more beauty than ever before. Today #ontheblog I share all of the fun details behind the design and rebuild. Just click on the link in my bio 汳