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As you can see from my overload of insta stories and posts 😂 we just got home from a ministry trip to Israel. Today on the blog I share just how special it was to have our kids with us on this trip.
“Sure, traveling with children isn’t glamorous or relaxing, but I am so glad I chose to do what truly accelerates our children’s faith most—experiences that leave an imprint on their hearts forever.“
Have you ever traveled abroad for ministry with littles? Id love to know what your favorite part about the experience was! #linkinbio #awakejerusalem2018 #israel
“Pray and seek for Jerusalem’s peace,  for all who love her will prosper!”
Psalm 122:6
Dead Sea today—so pretty and much like taking an overly salty, hotttt bath, well, a bath that makes you float. Kids didn’t make it more than a few minutes before salt bothered the fresh scratches they had from climbing ancient ruins. 😆
Waking the streets of Jerusalem today with my loves.
Fav part of the trip so far. Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, worshipping Jesus and telling the kids all about how He and Peter walked on this very water all those years ago. Something tells me that these moments are making imprints on their hearts forever.
Day two Isreal—the kids slept in longer than they ever have in their entire lives. I kept checking if they were still breathing. 😆 
So we decided to skip the museum tours to visit the pool and Mediterranean Sea instead! My little fish loved every moment of it. So beautiful 😍 (swipe left for you newbies 😜)
Day one of Isreal and the kids have been such troopers. They slept at least 6 hours on the 10 hour flight, got right off of the plane and on to the tour. Zion took a little cat nap mid tour, had some chocolate and was back in action. 😆
I love how they kept asking “where was Jesus and is Simon still inside that door?” My sweet babies. 💕
We had a great time in NYC. I’d say my fav part was Central Park... what can I say, I like wide open spaces and nature over loud and busy any day.
Happy Birthday to my favorite guy who has my heart forever. Life would be way too basic without him 💕
These two are 18 months apart and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The first year of having two babies both needing so much help was probably the most challenging year of my life. ✨It’s true what they say “The days are long, but the years are short.” Both in diapers, one with colic, one needing adenoid surgery, breast feeding, waking in the night— it’s honestly just a blur. They are 4 & 5 now and it’s glorious! We have so much fun together these days. They are the best of friends (minus the sharing dilemma that plays out from time to time), sleep on the same schedule, potty trained, and enjoy the same activities and shows. ✨Don’t worry moms of littles—
It’s hard in the beginning, but it will pass so quickly & just like me, you’ll look back soon enough and smile. It gets better and better as the years go by. You’re doing amazing 💕
We’ve been married 7 years, but we dated on and off for 5 years. 😳 So this week when we celebrated our anniversary we laughed about how it feels like we’ve been married SO much longer than 7! 😆
We beat the odds stacked up against us and worked out even though nothing in our dating relationship went the smooth and predictable route. While dating we worked together (I was the children’s director and he was the campus pastor) for years, overcame trust and communication struggles, and even tried dating others-only to find ourselves drawn back to one another. BUT by the time it was all said and done we were beyond sure that this relationship was a total setup from the Lord. 🙌🏼😅 We’re complete opposites on every personality test, but that just makes us that much more effective within ministry and parenting. We’re an amazing team these days ✨
I’ve always had a love for farm life and animals. Growing up my grandparents lived on a farm where they had a large garden, and various animals. I loved riding horses, particularly the pony they had for us. Before my grandpa passed away, I remember helping him feed the animals, and picking blackberries and vegetables from the garden. In high school I raised goats 🐐 and in bible college I was in charge of the horses and led the horse trail for all of the campers. Idealistically, I want this farm kinda life, (mixed with beach love of course 😉) for our family one day. Realistically though, it wouldn’t work right now—we live such busy lives with ministry, travel, and businesses. Yet, I still believe in some way it will happen on a smaller scale when the time is right. For now, I’ll enjoy keeping up with my plants, living by the ocean, and loving on our two giant doodle dogs ☺️ Here’s to being content & grateful for where you currently are, and trusting the Lord’s timing for all desires of your heart. 🐴🐓🐐