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Days full of family, church, and coffee shops | Heart full of love for Jesus and His people. @rockcitycorpus @coffeewavesflourbluff

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This boy. He's silly. Always singing and dancing. He's moody and total drama when tired or hungry. But, the best part about being his momma is that he always wants my love in the form of hugs and kisses. That never gets old. ❤
That time I wore his hat to tame my crazy beach hair and bc he loves when I wear his hats. Win-win. 🙌🏼❤
I love this little family the Lord has blessed me with ❤
And a few other side notes:

1-Zion picked out his outfit and insists on wearing a hat daily. 😂
2-Cadence still lets me dress her without a fuss. 🙌🏼
3-I love the casual randomness of this picture which is accurate to our true selves.
On the blog today I share some thoughts on our recent women's session at the Unified Front Conference AND the audio recording of the panel session! Feel free to listen again if you attended or pass it on to a girlfriend. #linkinbio #rockcitycorpus #womenoffaith #womenunite
I love these ladies I get to lead with in women's ministry at @rockcitycorpus ❤
They had such a fun time celebrating their little friend's birthday today. I've said it before, but I'll say it again...I LOVE them at this age together! #siblinglove
We had just finished a conference called “Unified Front” at Rock City Church as the news of a potential hurricane came. The vision the Lord gave me for the conference was of a flock of birds flying in a V formation. He was showing me His heart for unity among His people. People unified with one mission; to live out the nature of heaven on earth.


A month ago I assumed the vision I was given was solely for the conference, but I now realize how fitting it was for what was to come. #ontheblog today I share how my family has been affected by the hurricane and the beautiful story of restoration that the Lord is writing through it all. #linkinbio #hurricaneharvey #harvey #restoration #portaransas #coffeeshop
I'm so glad I got to meet the super sweet women who dreamed up this amazing ministry @wattsoflove and partner with them through @rockcitycorpus to help bring hope to the hurting here in South Texas. ❤ ・・・
Day 1 Hurricane Havey relief. This is Leslie and Elaine. They had lived in their mobile home seen behind them for 20 years. The roof and walls are smashed, widows broken and all of their worldly possessions are soaked with rain water. I can only imagine that mold is starring to grow.
When I asked them where they have been sleeping they pointed to their mobile home and said "where else could we stay? There." Allan motioned to the trailer. When I asked him what they were doing for light at night he asked me to follow him into the trailer. The interior of his home was as bad as the exterior. Alan then showed me a small flash light pen. The kind of light a doctor might use to examine a patients throat. He had to shake it a few times to get it to work.
Although the human spirit is resilient and strong, having the proper tools to remain safe helps so much especially in a disaster area.
When we were driving to our base camp last night, we were all so pleased to know that the last thing Leslie and Elaine would do is turn off a new and substantially brighter solar lighter light that no longer needed to be shaken to work.
Thank you to everyone that helped put a light in this families hands. We are still accepting donations if you would like to help us with out mission to spread light, love and hope. Click the link in our bio to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief. #hope #hurricaneharvey #harvey #portaransas #rockcitycorpus #rockport #bethechange #womenoffaith
My stylish little guy. Lately he insists on wearing his watch and hat and is also super opinionated about his outfit choice each morning. So it begins...🤷‍♀️❤
Without full power; sweating with no AC we came together as a family to worship and pray. There's just so much to be thankful for. @rockcitycorpus #rockcitycorpus #worship
One day when they're older we'll look back at these pictures and tell them the story of how God restored what was lost and made it even better. #portaransas #coffeeshop #rebuild #hurricaneharvey #texasstrong
Many of you are asking how you can help with the relief efforts in progress - especially if you live outside of the Coastal Bend region. 
Donate to our Hurricane Relief Fund #linkinbio 
Go to GIVE, Then GUEST, Then Donate.
The funds donated will immediately be used to give out food and basic necessities as well as to help in the rebuilding efforts of the most affected communities - Rockport, Ingleside, Port Aransas and beyond. 
#rebuild #texasstrong #southtexas #hurricaneharvey #rockcitycorpus #bethechange