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Forever having eyes to see and capture beauty 💕 #momentslikethese
Tile under tile and various other discoveries in this double bathroom remodel of ours. I’m trying to figure out why the previous owners covered this cute tile up with the yucky tile that was on top. Either way, all things new.
So often in the world of social media it’s easy to see what others are doing and feel like we’re missing out. 
If you’re a type A, like myself,  you often make a mental checklist of what you should have done by the age of— and if it hasn’t happened you become stressed and discontent. .
We feel like if we just have a certain “thing” we will be happy. There’s this constant demand to do more or be more in order to somehow “arrive” one day. 
But the thing is— if we surrender our lives daily to the Holy Spirit and His guiding, we can’t miss a thing that was meant for us.
All we can do is what we are called to Do and Be each day... and trust that the Lord’s will for our lives will happen in the way it is supposed to. .
✨ Where He wants me to be is where I’ll be. .
✨What He wants me to have, I will have. .
There’s such freedom in truly believing we are children of an amazing dad and that His design, plans and ways are so much higher than ours. 💕
These two doodles are family to us—just as pets should be 💕
One day, when the time is right,  I’ll have land with horses, and farms animals... but in this crazy season of home remodel and church expansion, I’m perfectly content with sweet visits and trusting the Lord’s timing for all things.... Plus I can barely handle my children, dogs, and plants right now 😆
This girl! She may look timid and reserved, but the more she is exposed to new things, the more I see her true nature emerge. She’s so brave and ready to conquer whatever comes her way. She’s more brave than I ever was...So far on our summer trip she rode a four wheeler, horse, zip lined, free dives the deepest pools, went down a few big water slides, jumped onto a giant blob on the creek, and climbs everything she sees. I just quietly pray to myself and let her fly. #wildandfree #littleandbrave
When you get photobombed by a giant dog. 😆
In honor of his fourth birthday—a little throw back to his 2nd when it was his party and he could cry if he wanted 😆
About a year after our daughter’s entrance into heaven, I had a dream of a beautiful field of tulips. The dream gave me so much hope and made me wake with a smile. The tulips were all in pastel colors which says Spring time like none other. I knew the Lord was showing me my Spring time was coming. 
And eventually, (after a long, long winter) my Spring came.

The thing is, it’s in the Winter that tulips don't grow or produce above-ground leaves, but they are slowly extending their roots deeper into the soil, preparing for growth. 
In early Spring, the change in temperature initiates a burst of growth using energy stored within the tulip bulb. .
Anyone out there feel like their in a Winter season? Don’t worry, no matter how long it feels, Spring is coming—new life, growth, and breakthrough 🙌🏼 It’s in the Winter seasons that we are made ready to SEE the beauty He has been preparing us for. 🌷
All of the bug themed party details and some mushy mommy love are on the blog today. 💕
This sweet boy of mine turned four and Idk how that happened so fast...He says he’s not a baby anymore, but I assure him he’ll always be mommas baby. He’s wild, sweet, and some times flat out moody. .
All I know is I’ve never known love like the love I have for this boy and the way he loves me so deeply. I love that he loves me and needs me. I love that he always will. I do have to admit I have extra grace for this boy even when he is a stinker...Maybe it’s those big blue eyes of his. 😍
Any other boy mommas feel me on this momma/son kinda love?
Morning doodles with the kids on the deck this morning...just trying to put off the mass amount of laundry and bags to pack for our summer trip as long as I can. 😆