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During our first week we made a geomorphological map around the San Francisco volcanic field! 🌋🌋🌋 This pictures are around SP crater (“SP” stands for Shit Pot crater 😂) #guestgrammer #volcanicfield #fieldgeolgy #fieldcamp #volcano #lavafield #crater #utep
Hello everyone! I’m Lupita, I’m currently doing my undergrad at the University of Texas at El Paso. Over the next couple of days I’ll be sharing some pictures of our summer field camp around Arizona, Utah and Colorado!
We still have 8 field days left, but our takeover is done today! Thanks to AGU for the opportunity and follow #geopaths2018 or @drgjmount for more updates over the rest of the trip and to learn more about the science and research opportunities. #guestgrammer #criticalzoneobservatory #criticalzonenetwork #nearsurfacegeophysics #hydrogeology #geology
Is geopaths all geophysics all the time? Nope! We are also talking about careers and graduate schools (top left), small group discussions about challenges faced in school (top right), and team building (bottom). The high ropes course brought the group together, fostered teamwork, and instilled some additional self confidence within the participants. #nearsurfacegeophysics #geology #criticalzonescience
Geopaths participants making light work of some seismic in the Susquehanna Shale Hills CZO #nearsurfacegeophysics #geology #seismic #criticalzonescience #womeninstem #criticalzoneobservatory #geometrics
Under the guidance of the mentors, participants are spending the afternoon processing GPR and Seismic data to gain a better understanding of the techniques, their efforts in the field, and the structure of the Critical Zone. #nearsurfacegeophysics #criticalzonescience #criticalzoneobservatory #seismic #gpr #guestgrammer
Everyday can’t be nice and sunny (photo montage 1), but we have determined that our participants are water proof geoscientists and still kept a positive attitude in the rain! We got a few hours of data collection in, and everyone was still happy (second photo).
#nearsurfacegeophysics #geology #criticalzonescience #criticalzoneobservatory
Geopaths Extra peer mentors spent the whole day teaching, guiding, and leading our participants through the basics of geophysics and running the equipment in the field. We swung some hammers, zapped some soils, and shot some radar into the ground. The other group surveyed it all in. #criticalzonescience #criticalzoneobservatory #nearsurfacegeophysics #stemeducation
Here’s our student group before the field today! #selfiestickfailed #guestgrammer #criticalzonescience #criticalzone #nearsurfacegeophysics
#guestgrammer @drgjmount checking in from the first field day of our @nsfgov funded Geopaths:Extra Field experience. We have teamed up with Rutgers-Newark, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Penn State and Dickinson College to take a group of students to the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory. We will be doing Ground Penetrating Radar, Seismic and Resistivity across the CZ. What’s the catch? They have never done geophysics before! #criticalzoneobservatory #criticalzonescience #nearsurfacegeophysics
Sea caves on the southern coast of Iceland featuring a very reflective @h_pettus23. The columnar jointing in this sea cave is very erratic. The left side of the picture has a breaking pattern similar to shale. They are all columnar joints though! The more erratic columns were in closer contact with water and the more "well behaved" columns had more time to cool. Beyond the shale like columns there is hyaloclastite indicating that lava came into direct contact with water. The shale like texture is due to wave action exacerbating ball and socket fractures in columnar joints pointing towards the camera. #wvufireandice #wvugeology #wvu #geologyoficeland
Awesome outcrop heading to the eastern fjords of Iceland! You have a normal fault and dike cross cutting a paleosol and lava. The normal fault is actually a set of en echelon normal faults (hard to see in this image). This was a fun teaching outcrop to go over basic rules of superposition and cross cutting relationships. #wvufireandice #wvugeology #wvu #geologyoficeland