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Today you can find me over @barnandwillow where I'm taking over their account for a couple days. 😉
As I mentioned in my last post with @tinycottons, I'm sharing part of our weekend with you. We might not bake every single weekend but I do get the kids involved in cooking and food prep most days. I want them to grow up with a love and proficiency for preparing  home cooked meals so they can one day cook for themselves and those they love.
Elin never needs to be asked twice to help and wants to do every aspect of preparing a meal. She says one day she wants to be a chef and have her own bakery, and I tell her I will be her best customer! 😊
Usually I try to avoid the busy places on a Saturday but we are making cakes for a friend so we had to run to the market. Of course today that also called for a photo opp, in the new collection from @tinycottons 😉
I'm sharing some of our weekend in partnership with the wonderful @tinycottons who asked for a peek into our typical Saturday.
Breakfast is always the best place to start and this is my smoothie boy who requests the same spinach/blueberry/banana combo everyday!
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After almost a week away from IG, I'm back with a breakfast gram. What are you up to this weekend?
This was taken last week, no filter or editing done. A quick photo taken for a friend who lives far away to show her how bad the smoke was here. I'm so relieved to have blue skies again but somehow the greenish hue of the smoke made for an interesting landscape. 
The smoke and fires also has me thinking so much of those whose homes and islands have been destroyed by the recent hurricanes. 😞
One of the perks of working from home, snacks any time you want.
An old photo I found on my desktop, which makes me miss Spring. #alwayswantingwhatIcanthave
We're mostly staying indoors today because of all the smoke that's drifted over from California and Oregon. The sun looked bright red as I took my son to school this morning but I know it's nothing compared to those living in the wake of the wildfires. 😞

Elin and I enjoy our time together when brother is away at school. We're also glad to celebrate @cosstores new childrenswear collection in these roomy culottes! She wears them nearly everyday because they're easy to put on without any help and loose enough to play in. 
Some days I wish she was in school too but mostly I'm just glad we get to spend some time together. I'm not very good at letting go so I imagine the day they're both gone all day will be a challenge for me. But after a little cry, I hope I enjoy the freedom too. 😉