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Today on the blog we’re talking about 8 tips for shooting in low light. 
@billie_and_i shares her expert tips, just in time for the Autumn/Winter season! #linkinbio #ammblog

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Adding some new things to the rotation.
This girl dances everywhere we go. She hears a beat and her body starts to move. She closes her eyes, flicks her wrists, twirls and spins like she’s the only one around. On the one hand it’s super cute, innocent, bold and unreserved. On the other hand I’m chasing after her, frantically trying not to lose her as she spins around corners and behind fixtures!  #babyelinp
#goldenhour #ammhome
I’m missing the longer summer days, not for the heat but for the light. My mood is so easily affected by the darkness and I dread late afternoons because my energy level just plummets. So during the day I make sure every curtain is drawn and I soak up as much as I can. I also take vitamin D, which helps a lot. Anyone else take vitamins for the Fall/Winter?
Running around, visiting the playground and lunch with this girl who in just a few short months will be 4!!! 🙀 Also, I can’t take my eyes off her for a second because sometimes she’s a flower thief.
It’s been a gloomy few days so I’m ordering more candlesticks. Winter feels like it’s here early so I’ll just be over here popping vitamin D like it’s candy. 😏
This droopy leaf looks like I feel. After some sickness in the house with kids I guess it was my turn. Moms, any tips for fighting off a cold, especially when you don’t have a lot of time for yourself?!
Bath & Spa gifts are my favorite kinds of gifts to give and receive. With the holidays coming up soon I'm already thinking of gifting and items like these. A brass beard comb (the husband will appreciate this) to handmade bash brushes and Tangent GC hand soap from @cb2 will work for almost anyone! #cb2 #ad
Isn’t it easy to amass cords and chargers for all our devices? My kids aren’t even old enough to have phones yet and we just have 1 iPad but already I’ve found that cords can take over everything. I even carry a wireless charger in my purse sometimes.
We have been able to try out @nativeunion’s sleek new Eclipse charger that lets you plug multiple devices into one charging station quite discreetly. And there is a little halo of light around Eclipse to make it easy to plug in things in under dim lighting. How clever is that?! #eclipsecharger #chargesmarter #ad
Big THANK YOU to all who commented and shared their thoughts on my post yesterday. I loved reading each and every one and connecting more personally with so many of you. Uncertain where to go from here, not sure that I can write such lengthy or vulnerable captions every time, isn’t it much easier and less risky to just post a photo and say nothing? 
Oh! And on a different note I should mention, we have added the Charlottenburg chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1936 for @sikadesign to our living and will be sharing an exciting giveaway with them in the coming weeks. You won’t want to miss this one!