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Actor ... well at least some are STILL saying so !!

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80 MILLION followers on social media reached TODAY ... !!!
Collective figure .. thank you all well wishers !!
My immense love !! ❤️💕😄😄😁🙏🙏🙏
‘Those were the days my friend ‘. ... chale gaye wo din..:((
DON .. shooting with those glasses that I got specially for the film .. but very sparingly used ..
Shweta visits me on the sets of ADALAT in year 1976.. a meal and a frown .. hahahah .. and that hand offering help to her is WAHEEDA Ji
This love this affection ... cherished through 48 years can never be replayed by me .. indebted ever
Happy Diwali from the entire family. ... to the family of the world ...
Its her birthday today .. HEMA Ji 's.. and an association as old as this picture and more ..
'Ye dosti hum nahin  todenge' the shoot prep in Banguluru roads ...SHOLAY
A young photo of Yash Chopra with Mahendra Kapoor, Sahir Ludhiyaanvi and N DUTTA ..during the working on  Dhool  ka Phul
Pink 1 year .. the film that gave society a tag line - No means No !!
एेक दिन एैसे थे ; फिर ऐसे हो गए
Last one went into archives by error .. here again ..
Action sequence in film MAHAAN .. to slide down rope ... ripped my entire hand .. shooting in Chennai .. the great MGR CAME TO KNOW of my accident and advised always use metal grips around rope to slide down .. fast and safe .. so caution never do it bare hands .. MGR WAS most gracious and kind questioned the production why this precaution was never taken