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Happy 10th Anniversary, SOTA ♥️
How to avoid learning mandarin? You try to sing in Malagasy instead. Hi @niuraza! 🤣 i tried 😭 HAHAH btw It’s been stuck in my head. Thanks for the great song 😍 Check out NyOny’s song Ampy Izay on Youtube woo!!
Sorry @irenataib HAHAH You will have to hear me sing this for a while. #ampyizay
Okay I finally watched #aadc and #aadc2 back to back yesterday on my way back home🙄 I know I’m very late but here’s a song that I really love from this movie 😭 because @melly_goeslaw knows the right words to make you 😭 . Thank god for people who write like her .
#indomusikgram @indomusikgram #bimbang
Looks like I’m saying something serious but really was telling them I’m a horrible swimmer and how the open sea scares me. #realtalk
Mama playing with soap. But when I do it, it’s a crime. 🙄♥️ #mamaandme
Gonna be accompanying this singer for her next show. Stay tuned. HAHAHAHAHHAAH @louisafcl #guitar #louisafoong #guitarist #singer #excitedforthefuture #nextshow #staytuned #sorryirena #irenasguitarmakesmesoundgood #irenataib #sorryirenaIusedyourbaby #Pleasecallarealguitarist #IrenaTaibisthebestyoucaneverhave #thisisnotreal
Happy Father’s Day to the strictest but most loving daddy ever ♥️ The person who takes care of mama the best. We (including Blue) love you papa 🙃🙃♥️♥️ oh and not sorry about the picture heeeeee
Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim friends and family and a happy holiday to all ♥️ Maaf Zahir Dan Batin!
When I celebrated Eid with my Boston Family! Hope all of you are well and till we meet again! ♥️
Damnnn MattJonesssss 🙌🏾 Imma big fan of your works. Wish I was there too. Can’t wait to see ya! @mattjonesmusick