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KEMBALI out now 👇🏼

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Good Morning Damansara 🌞
When I was Sirius Black. 🌚
 If you want the saddest songs, she da best. Too galau. 😭💩
30 days to NYE at the Esplanade! 
Dates: 30 & 31 Dec 
Esplanade Concourse •

Thank you @esplanadesingapore for inviting us to welcome the new year with all of you! ✨ •
• 📷: Always @yyuweihuang
I swear I am on a diet. 💩

Thank you @mendakisg for having us (: Charity never lessens wealth. ♥️
It was an honor to perform with @riduanyusoff at tonight's event! A really wonderful musician and learnt a lot from him. You guys should watch him at Fullerton Hotel whenever you want nice music from 3-6pm! (:
505 Beacon Street. Missing this view every morning. It's such a small apt only 1 (or 2 small guests) can fit at one time haha but i had one of the best memories here. ♥️ I wrote a lot of songs here too, a whole notebook but i only liked 3 of them and then it came down to only 1. Haha #sentimental #boston
4 packets of burning hot fries made it into the cinema 🌻 #tb
Hype before the shoot. #kembali 
1 year after shooting my first single, New York High! ♥️♥️ I miss you NYC! 😭 
If you haven't watched it online, gooo watch and see the beauty NYC! 
Thank you @sheratontribecanyc and #Lambkini

BTS of #Kembali. 
When you're scared and tripped and can't swim. And needed a dry shot. Haiz hahaha .
MV in Bio! 📹: @ariff.d

#indomusik #indomusikvideo