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#BeMine feat. @youngcthegreat  coming Aug 25!
What dis heaven chocolate swirly in a cup.
Teddy with Kina and Tulsa with meeeeee
Me and independent tough Tulsa. ♥️
August 25. Be Mine feat. @youngcthegreat 🌷

Cover art: @calliecee 
Picture: @yyuweihuang

#BeMine #newmusic
Shutter Island 2. Thriller. @theodoreisabel 
Is new music coming soon?

Yez it iz ☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️
Coming Soon! @youngcthegreat 
Designed by: @calliecee 
Photo by: @yyuweihuang 
Reminisce Sinetron episode 202 with Agnes Monica in it hahah available on iTunes and Spotify and other digits music platforms!

Music and lyrics: @bel.musicproject
I love all of you and I really hope we'll get to play together again. ♥️🙌🏼 (@fionntallica missed you here!) #nyc
Staring into blank space. Haha see you guys tonight at Shrine NYC, 11pm! Last gig in New York for now 😭 okay lezzz gooo #nyc #shrineworldmusicvenue