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Tunisian visual artist, tells stories, collects books, reads the tarot, loves maps,teaches graphic design, cooks vegan,remote work. Currently OFFLINE🚫

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#foundkhtt ⚽️ Who are these Dodgers ?! 🤔
Sapin de Noël 🎄
Let it snow let it snow ❄️
Congratulations to these two 😍 for the book release of « The Tunisians » ! A book that brings together four years of work, encounters and discoveries. 
Photography and co-written by @wassimghozlani 
Co-written by @monjibhouri 💥
All the profit from the book goes to « Association Darna » 😍 who’s working on providing shelters to abandoned kids and helping them integrating adoptive families🙏🏼
Big Up 🎩
Aliens are people too 👽+👩🏻=❤️ #imetamina
When the rainbows fall in the ocean they sleep in shells 🛌 #imetamina
قبر الجندي المجهول 🧟‍♂️
#foundkhtt #arabiccalligraphy