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Your work could be displayed in a DC gallery walk. Click the link to apply for #1in3 Photography Project & help end abortion stigma with your talent!

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We’re giving away 10 grants for a #photography project focused on abortion storytellers. Especially looking for POC and LGBTQ folks. #1in3 #reprorights #abortionrights #photographer #jobs
We’re giving away 10 grants to photographers who will use their talent to capture the power of abortion stories. Tag your favorite social justice photographer for an awesome opportunity! Link is in bio. #1in3 #photography #endabortionstigma #reprorights #reprojustice #artivism
IUDs and condoms are a match fit for a King (or Queen.) #royalwedding #GACC #condom
"Sometimes I reflect on the things I am able to do for my older son that may not have been possible if I had not been able to access a second trimester abortion when I needed it. He knows now that between him and his little brother, there was almost a little sister, but that she was very sick, likely unable to survive pregnancy and birth. We knew when we learned more about what her diagnosis of Trisomy 18, that choosing abortion meant saving her from a life of suffering. We conceived another son soon after, and we find ways to honor the little one we couldn't meet as a family. My abortion meant that my oldest son - who was two at the time - didn't have to give up his parents. We didn't have to explain that his sister would be born dead or dying, or into a life that would require a level of care that we were not financially or emotionally able to take on. My abortion also meant we were able to meet our youngest son, who wouldn't have been conceived otherwise. Simply said, our family wouldn't exist without my abortion." -Jacqui #1in3Moms #MothersDay
"I've been pregnant four times. The first ended with an abortion. The second time, I had my daughter. My third pregnancy was a miscarriage. And then I gave birth to my son.

If I hadn't had an abortion, I never would have been able to create the sweet family I have now. In my twenties, unmarried and without adequate employment, I was not prepared to be a parent. Years later, with a spouse and a career, my life was in such a different phase and I now was excited to begin a family with intentionality.

Without abortion care, I never would have gone to graduate school, gotten ordained as a pastor, and gained the life experience that is invaluable to the parenting that I am able to offer my children today.

I'm in such a different place in life than I was with that first pregnancy. I'm so grateful my children know me in this season, when I am able to offer more to the world instead of just struggling to get by. I love being a role model to my kids, generous with my time and energy for our family and our broader community." -Elizabeth #1in3Moms #MothersDay
"I share my high risk pregnancy story and my abortion story for a few reasons. One is to let other mothers know it's OK to choose the right size family for you, no judgment. Another is to let loss moms and moms who have been through similar traumas know that it's also OK if they don't want to proceed with a pregnancy. You aren't somehow dishonoring the baby or pregnancy you previously lost. You aren't selfish for choosing your own self-care and mental health over going through another potentially painful, potentially devastating experience again. You are not a monster. You are doing what you have to do for you and yours. And finally, because I wish more people had been candid about abortion when I was younger, and even now. I hope to help destigmatize is so we can finally loosen restrictions here and hopefully around the world." -Priscilla #1in3Moms
"I have no doubt that having an abortion solidified my feelings about pregnancy and parenthood, and going through pregnancy and becoming a parent solidified my feelings about abortion. When I had my abortion I was 23, less than year out of college, in an unhealthy and sometimes verbally abusive relationship, living paycheck-to-paycheck and completely incapable of being a mother. I was also unwilling to be a mother, and knew a pregnancy and parenthood were two life choices I didn't want to experience. Then, close to five years later, I was pregnant with twins and knew I was ready, willing, and able to be a mom. But that pregnancy was difficult, one twin died in utero at 19 weeks, and I gave birth to my son and a deceased fetus. A painful, difficult, dangerous pregnancy, and a mentally and emotionally exhausting labor and delivery, made me all the more thankful for the abortion I had when I wasn't ready to be a mom. And now, as a mom to a 3-year-old son and pregnant with my second, I know I'm, once again, making a choice that my abortion provided me years ago. I'm a mom because of my abortion. Period." -Danielle, #1in3Moms
"I wouldn’t have my child if I hadn’t had an abortion. I left an unhealthy relationship after I had an abortion, only to enter into an abusive relationship wherein my daughter was conceived; as much as I regret the abuse and coercion I endured, I have never regretted having my wonderful daughter.

I’m currently pregnant again, this time under much more positive circumstances — a planned and very wanted pregnancy, conceived in a healthy and financially stable marriage with a loving and supportive partner. Even so, when my now-9-year-old daughter expressed concerns about the possibility of the pregnancy jeopardizing my life, I decisively told her that if my life or health were in danger, I would have an abortion, regardless of how emotionally taxing it would be in this situation. I explained that I already have a child with her own thoughts, memories, feelings, and experiences, who needs me to be alive and healthy; my existing children’s well-being will always take precedence over the lives of any potential children. The experience of humanity always supersedes the vague concept of human life." -Stephanie #1in3Moms
"As a barely-19-year-old college Sophomore in 1965 I had an abortion. Had I not, in this 1972 photo, neither of the two lights of my life, stepdaughter Allison (born in 1965) and natural daughter Amy (born in 1970) would have appeared with me.

By the time of this photo, I had learned firsthand what I had thought was true in 1965, that bearing and raising children is nothing to stumble into. Be enthusiastic; be ready; do it right.

Now I am 72 years old. My girls are middle aged. In hindsight, I would not change a thing." -Anne Hopkins #1in3Moms
"For me, my abortion was the beginning of the path that led me to reconnect with my partner, finish college, go to law school, and start my family when I was ready.  Today, as a mom by choice, I know for sure: parenting is something that you have to want to do. It would have been the one more thing on my plate that I couldn’t have handled. It would have been the straw that broke me. Because of that choice, I’m able to be the best mother to my children now, because I was able to heal myself, I had found myself, and I was ready and capable of making them my priority." -Aimee #1in3Moms #MothersDay
“At 19 years old, in my second year of college, I had my first abortion with no regrets. At 25, I decided to forgo an abortion and gave birth to my daughter.  Years later at 39, going for an abortion, I became deathly ill while in the clinic and was sent to the emergency room. I had emergency surgery due to a life threatening ectopic pregnancy; to remove my ruptured Fallopian tube which terminated the pregnancy. My abortion care provider saved my life...the same one who safely delivered my daughter. I believe I lived to have the conversation with my now teenage daughter about my abortions and our right to choose if we want to parent, when and how many we want to parent. I felt it was important that she know that if she’s ever faced with making the choice she’s supported and doesn’t have to go through it alone. There is power in truth and transparency. She often speaks of becoming an activist one day and reminds me how proud of me she is.” -@abortiondiva #1in3Moms
"My beautiful family is only possible because I was able to get abortion care. If I had been forced to give birth when I was in my teens, in an abusive relationship, and still just a child myself — I would never have met my husband, raised two amazing sons, and become a proud grandmother. Abortion care allowed me to have children when I was ready and to create a family on my own terms. Now, I escort at an abortion clinic. I meet all kinds of people who need abortion care: Some have children and are not equipped to have more; some want to become mothers but only when the time is right; some want to become a parent, but serious medical problems interfered with their pregnancy. All of these people are making wise and responsible decisions about parenting. I am so grateful I was able to access abortion care, and I am forever dedicated to helping make compassionate, nonjudgmental abortion care accessible for all who need it." -Karen, #1in3Moms