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I write songs, sing and daydream ☁️
New video on youtube!

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Thank you SO much to everyone who came for Intim Sessions last night! We had a lot of fun, and it really meant a lot to us that you took the time to come and listen to the words we have written. ❤️
A few open mics/shows I'll be performing at in August 🎵
18th: wxyz @aloftkls 
19th: Intim sessions, @theklpac 
26th: Jaya One 
28th: Ploy at Clearwater 
31st: merdeka @ frontera
Yesterday at Volkswagen Fest! Thank you for listening. (Repost from @oldvwmalaysia) 
#volkswagenmalaysia #vwfest2017
Throw way, way back. 
I want to go back.
Something about the morning rain, that make the streets glitter and flowers glow. 🌼
(next photo) 🌼
Performing at @theklpac on the 19th, 8:30pm with Beverly Matujal! We'll be playing our original songs, as well as one we wrote together. 
Hope you can come!
The ice melted. 💦
(We normally skate, but this time we're in a water park. Geddit? Nevermind)
I was very nervous about recording again, but everyone here's so welcoming and so nice. I felt like I could pour my heart and feelings into this recording room and it would be okay. I worried about a lot of things but behind these doors and soundproofed walls, it felt safe to let go a little, and trust a little more. 
Today was fun. 📷: @teh.evelyn
Little piece of a new song I finished writing at an open mic.  #newsong  #kindof #butnotreallythatnew
It's been a while! 
TONIGHT I'll be singing at Will You Cafe, Oasis Village. 7:30pm onwards. 
SATURDAY, Sam and I will be open mic-ing at Panda Head Curry's show in Merdekarya. 9pm. 
Hope to see you there :)
These past five days have been a whirlwind of excitement. It feels rather strange to have been thrust back into the skating world again, and right at the start of competition time. Completely unintended, but I didn’t mind. I’m so grateful to have been a part of many of their first competition experiences. Getting to stand with them as they went on ice and watching them receive their medals, I felt so incredibly proud of them but at the same time I am not their coach anymore and I didn’t feel like I deserved to be in that position. Competing was a lot of fun too. It's very different compared to the performing I'm used to. With singing and songwriting, it's very much inward. You find ways to draw an audience in- with words and melody. With skating, it's the opposite. Everything is outward, and way out of my comfort zone. What you feel inside has to be projected out to people watching from far away. But the rush, and feeling like you're flying is something you can get hooked on. I was really nervous. But I felt more brave knowing that my students were watching. At least, I had to pretend to be brave. Although I didn't win gold, this was the first time I felt happy with my performance and I know I did the best that I could've done. I’m going to work harder for next time! I learnt so much from this whole experience and I’m so thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful team.
Happy Father's Day ❤️
In celebration of @lordemusic's new album, here's a cover of 'Liability'. Full song and free download on @soundcloud link in bio! 
Thanksss! ☁️
#liability #1minutecover #instacover #lorde #melodrama