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Musician, artist, friend & mother. Evanescence's new album, Synthesis, is available now!

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Ok, no #hashtags, no bullshit, just saying, LOOK AT ALL THE BADASS CHICKS ON THIS TOUR! #morechickslessdicks ok one hashtag
Some say the greatest expression of love is a good end of tour prank. Well I love @lindseystirling VERY VERY much!! This was my favorite moment of last night by far. Not only could I not see, I could not. stop. laughing!!! Missing everybody already! Chewbacca forever! 😂😂😂💩
I got to meet members of a group I am totally fascinated with at our show at the Greek the other day- @wagakkiband ! I almost cried when I found out they had flown all the way from Japan just to see our show! 😵😵😵 What an honor! Yuko even gave me a real performance fan and gave me a little demonstration! ❤️❤️❤️ Great to meet you guys!
Ladies night. #henna night! Thank you @venicehenna !
Last night I received this beautiful skirt with Anywhere But Home inspired artwork from a Colombian fan, @ttourniquett , who made it for me! Thank you so much, Jorge! I love it! And thank you @jen_majura for running out and grabbing it ;)
Alright, alright, I’m not gonna be the only one not to post my @terrybalsamo666 selfie. Love you forever, Sweet T!
#Repost @evanescenceofficial 
And the news is....! We are very excited to announce that Synthesis Live with Orchestra, filmed on our tour by the one and only @baudarmutt and mixed by Damian Taylor, will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray Digital on 10/12. Pre-order your copy now at the link in the bio! 🥂
This is my cone, and this is my zone
As I move through life, more and more I feel that the most valuable thing I posses is my ever growing collection of memories. Of the people I’ve loved, the people who have loved me, those beautiful, too-short moments are little captures of what life is in the end. Our love is what remains when it’s all gone. Love is all that lasts. All I want to fight for. 
Thanks to whoever took this sweet photo ;)
Yesterday we celebrated my sweet little bugger’s 4th birthday in the park- I am beyond grateful for the huge blessing of all of our friends who made it so special! Eddie’s Karaoke, Dusty’s famous guacamole, bounce house jumpin, piñata bustin, Dave gave Jack his first CELLO ❤️Beth, Bob and Jackie.... pretty much the best day ever. THANK YOU guys! So much love
Having my family with me on the road is everything ❤️