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Breaking up with Filofaks forever. That’s it, I’m done! 🏁❤️ #graduation
Ciao ragazzi 🇮🇹
Also, what? After literally months there’s a new post on my blog!⚡️ Yeah, I’m still a blogger. Wanna know how Māgoa actually started? And all about m.erch? Don’t miss out! #linkinbio
Being art dealers with @burazornina. All day, every day.⚡️M.erch still available! #justsaying
Feels like I haven’t slept for a year, but in the end it was all worth it. Thanks for all the support. You’re the best! 🖤
Secret’s out! M.erch is coming soon, available both on Friday’s event and online. ⚡️
It’s actually nice to be a model sometimes, especially when it comes to your own brand. 💛
*the moment you realize it’s only Monday* 🎾
thanks @cielo_yu for the inspo ✨
b x w. always. 🖤
cargo pants: @sheinofficial 
hoodie: men’s @hm 
trainers: @adidasoriginals
So glad we all match 🍊
gužva, pica in gelato. 
to je ta Italija 🇮🇹
rbf is my middle name 🔫