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I want it, I got it 🖤 
My mantra for 2019! 
On Fridays I wear orange 🍊
a year ago 🌿
oh hey there 👀
I always wanted a blue house as a child. Now I’m seriously rethinking some of my choices.. 💙 #throwbackthursday
Girl .. I’m never this happy. 
Look what Graz does to me 🙈⚡️
Should I go back?
🎧 Wild wild thoughts!
This is the building I passed every Sunday on my way to work for two whole years. Today was the last time I did that, so I had to stop and commemorate the moment. 
Ps. It’s also my favourite building and street in Ljubljana. ❤️
a sass a day keeps the basics away 🚨
what do people say about broken glass?
here’s to new beginnings. 🌿