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#STARWALKERS !!!!!!!!! Anahuacalmecac on the rise, resurging, reclaiming...resilient. On behalf of the Council of Trustees, founders and Directors we are honored to teach shoulder to shoulder  with such an amazing powerhouse team. ¡Adelante Anahuacalmecac! ¡Somos Semillas! @anahuacalmecac @semillascommunityschools @metabolicstudio @nativegiving @loraoconnor @janefonda @davidlynchfoundation @weareunidosus @calcharters @monicagarciala @ericgarcetti @mitchofarrell @cmjosehuizar @kenya_michel_ @brownissues_csula #inalienablyindigenous @aztecseer
America Has Always Used Schools as a Weapon Against Native Americans and assimilation is still the vehicle for colonization imposed upon all Indigenous children across the continents. Although federal law mandates tribal consultation, LAUSD has never complied with the law. Current LAUSD charter policy and the entire Local Control Accountability Plan are therefore unlawful. This ends now. #Decolonization and #selfdetermination are no longer the exception but the future... @anahuacalmecac @semillascommunityschools @dallasgoldtooth @nativegiving @uclaaisc @americaferrera @marchandrallyla @tlayecantzi @brownissues_csula
#Interlocutors emerging, resurging, responding, engaging and embracing ancestral truths and modern realities...envisioning futures guided by ancestral pasts of paths traveled, peoples split and cosmic ages emboldened in a little place in Otsuungna called @anahuacalmecac #indigenizeeducation
12k close to viral as we have ever come after the #mcintireaffair with #kabc and #disney but viral wasn’t a thing back in’s been a long struggle. #nottodaylausd
Occupying our learning spaces @anahuacalmecac ... visual connections to ancestral concepts and modern contexts help students relate.
Another day at @anahuacalmecac
Ancestral words, academic freedoms and Anahuacalmecac

December 5, 2018

Today, Anahuacalmecac students in advanced studies of Nahuatl participated in a unique symposium hosted for our students and staff by the Huntington Library. The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens is a collections-based educational and research institution established by Henry E. Huntington and located in Los Angeles County in San Marino, California. The Huntington Library is five miles away from our community, and a world away from our community’s social reality. Our students were introduced to some of the oldest books ever printed in the Americas and several of the first examples of Nahuatl-Mexicano ever printed on earth. Through our temachtiani Victorino Torres Nava’s persistence, we gained access to these priceless volumes for our students with the support of the Huntington Library’s curator Steve Tabor and Community Relations specialist Kate Zankowicz. We are very thankful for this special experience. This type of access is never organized for anyone but PhDs much less for middle school and high school students…but then, this is Anahuacalmecac.

This journey began In early 2015, when Tata Cuaxtle and Marcos Aguilar @aztecseer co-taught a class on Ancestral Knowledge focused upon texts in Nahuatl available online from the period shortly after the Spanish invasion. Including a re-read of Schroeder’s texts on Chimalpahin’s writings and Bierhorst’s interpretations of Cantares Mexicanos. We also analyzed Leon Portilla’s long established interpretations of Aztec philosophy including concepts such as “rostro y corazon”. Seeing the books first hand was a priceless experience for our students and teachers. The texts included original printings of Nahuatl, Mixteco and Zapoteco religious writing, grammatical guides and dictionaries (more on that later). We are proud that our students’ first question of the curator was “How did you acquire these books in the first place?” One of our Zapoteca student-scholars stated on the way home, “I am inspired to learn my language from my grandparents even more now.” #decolonizedminds #xinaxtin #inalienablyindigenous
Amazing story Yolozee Odilia Romero Xhogosho ... a revolutionary army in the south and a gringo tyrant in the north seems to have made a dent in the political fabric of our motherland. #inalienablyindigenous
“Indigenous language belongs everywhere...”-Native artist L Frank
Indigenous Peoples of Mexico endow incoming Mexican President with staff of governance.

The cultural protocols of thanksgiving and commencement displayed publicly for the first time ever on the national stage of Mexico for the entire world to witness are practiced daily at Anahuacalmecac.

Never before has Mexico experienced such a ceremony for a President. The elders admonished incoming President AMLO to respect the people, “mandar obedeciendo” and our Earth Mother.

Anahuacalmecac ally, Odilia Romero of the Frente Indígena Oaxaqueño Binacional based in Los Angeles shares her commentary at the end of the clip.

It’s a new day...Anahuacalmecac is the future.
USC Annenberg Media reporter Hafsa Fathima gets it more right...she set up interviews, visited the school and did her research. Here is her story:
Tinemikan momostla ika nochi toyolo... vivamos cada día bien, al máximo @anahuacalmecac