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| Fellows on Weekends |
Anant fellow, Sudharsan (@sudharsanannamalai), also known as ‘The Fellow on Wheels’, chose to celebrate Diwali rooting back on his cycle to our ancestral remains found at Lothal, 77kms from #Ahmedabad. While children of the city found their enthusiasm in lighting festive crackers, our Fellow spent his time finding more insightful alternatives for his curiosity, like exploring the Harappan toys made for children which he thought actively contributed to their overall development.
Cycling his way through an extended challenge, a total distance 154kms in 10hrs 27mins, the experience huddled us all ears to this incredible journey. We were found questioning, “If our grandchildren, say, after 2000 years, look back at their history, whom they will call most civilised? Us or the Harappans?"
And the answer is still in our hands.
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Glimpses of life at AnantU, India's First Design University
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How to celebrate Diwali #AnantU style:
Step 1: Gather all students, faculty and staff at the multipurpose hall on the evening before holidays begin.
Step 2: Invite the university's Provost (in this case, Dr. @pramathraj) to address the audience on the university's achievements in the last one year, and its future plans.
Step 3: Follow it by a fun-filled session of games, music and dance.
Step 4: Serve scrumptious dinner.
Step 5: Enjoy your #Diwali, and have a happy and prosperous new year!
Inspired by the contemporary dancer and artist Heather Hansen (@h.e.a.t.h.e.r.h.a.n.s.e.n), Nirali Parekh (@nirali_parekh_007), Faculty at #AnantU, conducted a visual creation workshop for the students of  foundation year.
Participants synchronised movements of both their hands with the beats of songs they were listening to. Through the meditative exercise, they studied composition and boldness of #charcoal as a medium.

A stepping stone towards the 'Emerging Artists Exhibition' scheduled in 2019 was the Art Workshop conducted by Miloni Gajjar (@m_.loni) and Arya Nair (@arya.nair990), students  of second-year, School of #Architecture.

On a blissful Sunday morning at the #AnantU campus, participants from first and second year were taught different techniques to explore colour mediums like #charcoal, #softpastels, #watercolour and fluid #acrylic #art.
| Fellows on Weekends |
Anant fellow, Mugdha Sharma, chose to dive into the heart of #Ahmedabad city this Sunday morning as a little self-explorative attempt. While she immersed herself into the flavours of the old city, the built aesthetics, the local food and the active streets, Madhuben, a local vendor, melodiously sang for her as she illustrated the narratives, making it the highlight of this experience.

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Abstract elevation facade models made by third year students of #BArch for their mid-semester review on #ContemporaryArchitecture.
Third-year students of #BArch exhibited their work on #ContemporaryArchitecture for a mid-semester review.
Taught by @nishitakedia and @nehanair_, the module covered styles and works of #architects found around the world post-1950s. The three fold assignment focussed on enhancing the students' critical thinking and creative abilities.
Pandit Rajendra Gangani and his ensemble mesmerised the audience with a graceful #Kathak performance at #AnantU. The show was filled with enchanting twirls, precise footwork and perfectly synchronised jugalbandi. Pandit Gangani brought to stage themed pieces from the traditional Jaipuri dance forms and performed a segment on the rhythmic cycle of sixteen talas. To give a grand closure, the group staged a spontaneous and powerful round of jugalbandi. The evening ended with an ebullient audience erupting into loud applause and a standing ovation.

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Renu Desai, a senior research fellow at the Center for Urban Equity, CEPT University (@ceptuniversity1), with a PhD in architecture from @universityofcaliforniaberkeley  guided the module on ‘Vulnerability and The Built Environment’ for the Anant Fellowship 2019 Cohort. 
Students were sensitised to a spectrum of research-driven content ranging from social constructs such as caste and religion to individual attributes like physical disability and sexuality. They were equipped with frameworks to understand and critically analyze the dynamics and processes that produce complex vulnerabilities in the built environment. 
The #AnantFellows were eventually led to understand how they can create more equitable environments as future solutionaries in the making. 
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A workshop on प्रलेखन (Documentation) was conducted for #AnantFellows by Joseph Rajini Asir (@josephrajini) and Jinal Doshi (@jinalndoshi). Participants were made to think of themselves as elements of built environment and prepare a narrative; their engaging activity was recorded through the medium of photography by team members to understand the processes of documentation.

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Students of #AnantU made the #Navratri celebration on campus  remarkable by handcrafting all the installations and decorations. The venue was beautifully set up to host over 500 community members, including students, staff and faculty.
A special S/O to the Student Council team (@anu_events) for organising the memorable event.