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If you like it you oughta put a cat on it! 🐈🐈🐈
I live on a boat with two cats and too much yarn.

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Q for you! I'm planning to put together a little just-add-yarn kit for the ghostiecat sweater, because I really liked planning the Sinister Catdigan one. This one's going to be even better!

Anyway, I'm thinking about printing up some lino print bags for the kits. If you were getting one would you prefer a big drawstring bag (loads of room!) or a zippy project bag (can fit a sweater but it's not so roomy and would be a few more £s)? Or a tote? (Ghostiecats here are very much in the sketching stage!)
The Simpler Sinister Sweater is home from being tech edited by @charliesumx, so my plans for the evening include finishing the pattern off ready for beautifying. I'll hopefully make some time for knitting on my latest version, too.
I picked up some more Waterfall stitchmarker bracelets on Friday - they'd been away in the assay office getting hallmarked, and they're restocked in the online shop now.
I made a newsletter full of gift ideas! I linked to it in my profile just in case you're not subscribed to my mailing list.
Finally listed the new bangles!
I'm trying to photograph a final few things for the website before sending out the big gift-ideas newsletter. I think ATK would like to be listed for sale.
I am not 100% convinced there's enough contrast here.... But I'm going to keep knitting anyway because I'm very optimistic. I think it will be ok?
I have a furry knitting and kindle stand on my lap. Roo, being a more sensible sort, is snoozing in front of the stove.
New cat stitchmarkers online! (If you have an open order and need cat markers or anything else leave a note in checkout and I'll combine shipping for you.)
I've been adding silver cats! More big cat penannular pins and smaller cat penannular pins, plus gem-set ring (cat!) and stick pins.
And after I've done that big update I'll be letting myself cast on this! Lovely BFL from @thewoolbarn which I'm going to make a cardigan-version of the Simpler Sinister Sweater. The pattern has guidance for cardie-ising it and I want to try it out properly.
Coming later! These little cats in bulbs. I'll have sets of fishing cats and sets of dreaming cats. Also, teacats and loads of other things.