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I make shiny silver and gemstone jewellery for knitters. I make other crafty things too! I live on a boat with two cats and too much yarn.

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Home! That was a bit of an epic day and a long journey home - 250 miles, says my phone. (I took breaks and was ready to break for the night if tiredness happened.) (And that last swoosh around the empty M25 was FUN!) Proper details tomorrow, but here's a peek at my little haul for now. Roo is more delighted with my new sheepy project bag then she is with me returned.

And huge πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’› to @plotoneohone for weekend help & company, and to @sirensmakesleep letting me avoid the late night London driving I'd been sorta dreading.
Just about packed and ready to go! It's been a fantastic #yarndale2017 😺😻😸😺😻😺
This is Viola. I met her soppy little face last year, and we have just been having a catch-up sheep-scritch. She's such a good sheep!!
If you want cat 🐾🐈🐱😺🐾🐈🐱🐾😸 buttons you should come find us soon - we're down the Emergency Cat Stash!
Set up for day two of #yarndale2017
#yarndale2017 day one was great! We're having a hotel-room floop and contemplating dinner options (maybe.... pizza?)
Tiny lull at a very busy #yarndale (actually so tiny a lull! I started this post an hour ago!) Myself and @plotoneohone are on stall 130 - come say hi!!
Proper-sized pot of tea to set myself and @plotoneohone up for yarndale.
#yarndale2017 #yarndale #tea #tea #tea
Stall preview #2. Some buttons still to come.... #yarndale2017  #yarndale
Stall preview #1 #yarndale2017 #yarndale
Not quite halfway (been creeping along the A1 for a while back there) but I've stopped for tea and lunch.) I was a bit apprehensive about the journey (longest I've done, and it's solo) but I've been ok so far.
I'm off to #yarndale2017 ! See you there!