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I make shiny silver and gemstone jewellery for knitters. I make other crafty things too! I live on a boat with two cats and too much yarn.

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Let sleeping dogs lie! I didn't. I went to photo poor snoozing Sidney T and woke her up.
Snuck out for dinner! This is not dinner. This is just flowers throwing amazing shadows.
Sleeve time!
101 uses for a bulb pin - holding the ends of the needle cable together and securing the sleeve stitches. I meant to knit the sleeves first. Oops!
I'm having waaaaay too much fun at @penguinontherocks's bday karaoke! (Also sorry sorry sorry I keep singing sorry!)
Abandoned shopping trolley in the marina!
Roswell has noticed that I'm going out. She'd prefer me to stay home and rub her ears. Sorry Roo! (I'm going to pause for a bit of catty hug before I disappear though.)
I brought the Sinister Catdigan to the pub. Eternal round-and-round is perfect pub knitting. I'm almost at the waist increases!
Look at the magic in these. I got some big faceted labradorites. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet. Maybe some twisty-in shawl pins. Any suggestions?
RIP, shawl! I found a few wool moths in the cabin, and tracked down their source to a woollen blanket at the bottom of a cupboard. It was there when I moved onboard. Most of the cupboard was full of clothes that needed sorting into charity shop/ recycling/ bin but this shawl had snuck in and gotten thoroughly chewed, too. Operation MothDeth is underway - all the woollens are going into mothproof bags and I have moth killer cartridges for all the cupboards.
Marina is looking lovely in the sunshine!
Insomnia at this time of year means a lovely dawn so much earlier.