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I make shiny silver and gemstone jewellery for knitters. I make other crafty things too! I live on a boat with two cats and too much yarn.

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ATK is draped over P's knee, looking adorable.
Coming soon - another version of a stitchmarker pendant.  This is the beekeeper version and I'm test-wearing it right now.
Big boat heading down the river!
@plotoneohone has joined me for a riverside Friday wine!🍷🥂🍷
Aaah help! This is the sofa right now - I'm sorting out all my beads and bits and findings into new storage boxes - and Roswell The Clumsiest Cat has come to tell me how much she loves me.
'Is it about a bicycle?' I'm making a special set of Irish-ish-themed stitchmarkers for @woollinndublin. No shamrocks or dancing leprechauns, though - I'm designing a set celebrating the absolute pinnacle of 20th century Irish literature. No, not Yeats or Joyce or Beckett, but Flann O'Brien and his hilarious and terrifying novel 'The Third Policeman'. Have you read it? If not, you absolutely should read it right now! 
#woollinnprep 🚲
Stitchmarker kits have gone up a tiny bit in price - sorry! - but it's for a great reason. I've added a little pack of beadcaps so you can have even more fun making your markers. I'm slightly beadcap-obsessed right now! And next week I'll have new colour options online, as well as top-up packs with more beads and bits and bobs.
Oh, dawn, you are lovely and your singing birds are so cheery. Oh, insomnia, you are an absolute pest. I have so much to do tomorrow/ today!
Definitely a top down cardigan!
Blocked shawl!
Packing up pendant orders! I'll be taking them to the post office shortly.
Sinister Catdigan swatching. I think.... I'm going to have to make this one top down to get the pointy ears pointy. I much prefer bottom-up, where the sleeves are portable and the final bits of knitting are the most exciting.