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I make jewellery and accessories for crafty types. A cat theme might be emerging. 🐈🐈🐈
I live on a boat with two cats and too much yarn.

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Waiting for the first of several trains to bring us home.
Heading home from dinner we met the local Feeder of Stray Cats, who was feeding many cats including this shy little black mog. Best #catwatch!
Stormy today! We're watching the weather from inside.
Beach swatching - now there's sand in my knitting.  Dogdigan-lovers, what do you think of the latest iteration? Swipe through for a close up. Ears floppier, eyes lower. P says he reckons it's fairly doggish, maybe a bit bearish?
If you're at the #knittingandstitchingshow and you need a #sinistercatdigan you should go talk to @loveliestyarnco, who'll be able to pattern you up!
The Cats And The Mountain.

So. On our way up the mountain we met this very floofy ginger catty, who happily posed for photographs but then stalked off when I proffered a scritching-paw. First cat of the holiday! When we were approaching Catty Corner on the way down I started gabbling about how maybe Fine Ginger had not *stalked* off, but gone to fetch their friends to meet us. And who was strolling along at Catty Corner, but Tortie Friend! Excellent catwatch today.
Oh, there is a road down the other side of the hill so Pete came back to get me.
I got most of the way up before getting too nervous of the height. I'm having a knit while P explores the top of the tiny mountain.
Dogs are hard! But all I can see are hamsters now too. Duplicate-stitch snouts help a bit, and I've worked out some more ear-options, but we're off to trot up this little mountain now so they'll have to wait.
Hey, dog people! I thiiiiink I have the dogdigan-dogs down dog. What do you think? (This fits perfectly into the cat chart of the catdigan so - no rewriting needed. I'll just update the Ravelry version with the alternative chart as an appendix. It even uses the same quantity of each colour.) (Also I need to try to remember what this dredged-from-deep-stash-leftover-baggie green is because I need more of it. It's a Shetland jumper weight or some yarn along those lines.)
Hello the moon!
Today I have also been mostly watching the sea (and swimming in it) (and walking by it).