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I make jewellery and accessories for crafty types. A cat theme might be emerging. 🐈🐈🐈
I live on a boat with two cats and too much yarn.

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Halfway set up! I snuck in an osteopath appointment mid-way. I was slightly early, so wandered into a charity shop and found those little cups to use as pen-holders.
Plotting space! Tomorrow I'm going to take a trip to ikea (back permitting) and Wednesday move the stuff (back also permitting!)
Best thing about the cricket? Passing here on the way home. Lovely building!
Cricket over!
Drying off the grass, and cricket should start again in ten minutes! #stayawayrain
I am at the cricket!
This is interesting! Funding grassroots pro-choice activism in Argentina. I've put a link in my profile in case you want to help out/ signal boost.
Lardy-bum ATK sat down on my Kindle, needle case AND phone. (I snuck the phone out from under her to post this.)
I think she's forgiven me for the tail-treading.
Pick up and knit! This is my current favourite method - run the needle down the ridge, getting three sts on top and one underneath, before knitting the whole lot. It means that I can count the stitches and add/lose one or two before I start knitting,  and end up with nice neat symmetrical ribbing.
Poor Roosipaws. I trod on her tail earlier (in bare feet! only barely!) and she's only just forgiven me.
Bedtime reading! P brought me this, and my inner cheese/ science/ food geek has emerged! I could never make it as a vegan - cheese and butter are two of my favourite things. Especially cheese. Lovely cheese.