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I make shiny silver and gemstone jewellery for knitters. I make other crafty things too! I live on a boat with two cats and too much yarn.

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@unravelfestival was lovely! Thanks everyone who stopped by for shopping/ nattering/ cat picture sharing - it was lovely to put faces to Instagram profiles, and to catch up with people. I love the knitty community! And huge 汳幤汳幤汳 to Gemma for squishing me in at the last minute and being so helpful and cheerful all the way through. And to lovely stall-neighbour @moon_beads (the homemade macaroon really helped me with stall-deconstruction this afternoon - I was reaching the point where a nap under the table was v tempting). I failed a smidge (big smidge!) on my yarn resolution (which is simple - finish the WIP pile before finding more cast ons) Oops! But the sock yarn is for more iterations of the peepy catface and I've promised a pattern for that, and then I thought I needed a simple shawl knit to bring to #eyf and then I sorta needed a different shawl option just in case. And I needed the @loveliestyarnco / @theknittinggoddess project bag. Needed it! Yarns are from @coopknits , @mintbeeyarn and @finefishyarns. (Also, the tiny Fine Fishlet is *adorable* it was lovely to meet her and get grinned at and have my fingers grabbed.) Next up Edinburgh - I'll be back at the silver-melting in the morning, because my hallmark deadline is just over a week away.
Traditional post-yarn-show welcome-home cat photo. Roo is staring up at me purring. ATK is trampling over me, also purring.
Catface pendant will meet button earring to make... Catface earrings! But - would you like the option to buy earrings solo or should they always come in pairs??
Mwa ha ha!
Sock progress is galacial and I've had to tink back about five times. I have almost persuaded myself that I'm allowed to cast on a simple, simple shawl for #eyf2018
Hello! Day three of @unravelfestival! We're right at the back of the great hall, in a little room with @moon_beads. Come say hello!
#yarnlovechallenge ink! Ink is great and all, but always take a pencil with you when taking uncharted knitting on holiday. I have about ten iterations of this chart, with ever more frustrated scrawling.
Knitting in the pub!
Check out my story for some important scientific research! #easilyentertained #teamcat
I have a new favourite Irish sweary project bag! Thanks @loveliestyarnco! Also I have new DK yarn from @coopknits for the second iteration of the peeky catface sock.
Ready to go at day two of @unravelfestival !
I've been making up more amazing/terrifying cat markers for tomorrow at @unravelfestival. It's a catty party in this hotel room!