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If you like it you oughta put a cat on it! 🐈🐈🐈
I live on a boat with two cats and too much yarn.

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Roswell, Action Shot. She's been sitting staring up at me half the evening, but she got giddy as soon as I tried to photograph her little face. My (The other half of the evening she's been sitting on my knitting. Thanks, Roo!
Batwing catbag! I have a shawl in one of these at the moment and it's making me grin when I knit. (Except I need to do the washing up so I shouldn't be knitting the shawl and grinning at the batwing cat.)
These tulips are cheering the boat up.
I've finally updated the site with the new stocking stitch jewellery - earrings and three new pendants! - and to celebrate there's 10% off all of the stocking stitch silver this week. Just use the code stockingstitch when you check out.
I am hanging out with Sidney T Hund. She's pretty good for a dog.
Cheesy sunset photo alert.
Low light and low tide. The gulls are trotting around on the mud.
Sinister cats are coming to @woollinnyarnfest! The first one is saying 'we love yarn' and their little friend is saying 'it's delicious'. I think I'm happy with the layout, so now I need to tweak the sketch (and check the spelling of my very rusty Gaeilge).
So, it looks like the UK will be electing MEPs next month unless there are more dramatic developments in the next few weeks.

I'm not generally a fan of making an election all about a single issue, and especially a single issue that the people you're electing can't really do anything about. I would never advocate voting about the EU in the local elections we have next month, f'rex.

But I think it's worth making an exception for these European Parliament elections. For me, that means voting for a party that's explicitly pro-remain/ people's vote.

This is really easy for me because I'd be voting for @thegreenparty in any case. But if you're usually a Labour or Conservative voter (and you like being in the EU) it's definitely worth considering switching (for this election) to the Green Party, the Lib Dems, the new tiggy Change UK - or the SNP or Plaid if you're in Scotland or Wales. If you're in NI both Alliance and the Greens are pro-remain and non-sectarian, and Jane Morrice is standing as a pro-EU independent.

And if you're a citizen of another EU country and resident in the UK, you can vote in EU elections either here OR in your home state. I don't know whether it's better to vote for an MEP for the next five years, or to vote in this pseudo-referendum, but you have that choice. The URL below will guide you through registering if you want to switch to voting in the UK.

And if you're in the UK, make sure you're registered to vote. You need to to be registered by the 7th of May to vote in the EU elections.
Pin hoop is a bit overfull....
Neon stitchmarker kits coming soon!
ATK is being snuggly. Roo is asleep after her Epic Yarn War. (Epic Yarn War is on my stories. Roo is nearly 14 - too old for that sort of carry on!)