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The finest ingredients, the pursuit of perfection and time is the key to our fine single malt. 
Discover how anCnoc is created on our website
It's taken over three decades to bring you anCnoc 35 years old.  All you have to do is take some time to pour, sit back and enjoy, slàinte.
Let's get technical.  Discover the facts behind anCnoc on our blog.
Unlike many Scotch whiskies, who take their name from their distillery, we take our name from the nearby Knock Hill. Traditional process, modern outlook. #ModernTradition
The nearby Knock Hill, known to the locals as the Black Hill, is the source of the springs which bring our whisky to life and in whose shadow the Distillery has flourished since 1894.
Mum, this one's for you, slàinte!
Our stills contribute to the lighter, floral style of anCnoc.  With these core characteristics evident throughout our whiskies.
With the weather lately we’re feeling inclined to follow suit and join @scotch_in_the_city for a winter warmer.
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A wise person once said that home is where one starts from. This is our home, this is where we craft our award-winning single malt.
Someone told us Monday's are for malts. Time for a dram of anCnoc? #MaltMonday #SipResponsibly Image kindly shared by @hellsviken via Instagram.
anCnoc is a rather curious single malt. You see, our traditional production methods create a modern malt #ModernTradition.
We've got that #FridayFeeling and a dram is within reach. 
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