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Welcome to the official anCnoc single malt Scotch whisky Instagram. You must be of legal drinking age in your country of residence to follow.

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Awaken your taste buds. After years of resting in silence, the core characteristics of anCnoc are bursting with honey and lemon. The only question is, which, anCnoc will you be sipping this evening?
The transition from Summer to Autumn has long since started here in Scotland. However, this evening we're toasting the official start of Autumn. Join us?
Make your next dram an anCnoc; now that you can pronounce our name you've no excuses. #SipResponsibly
Monday is over, just about time for a dram don't you think? #Enjoy Responsibly 
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We've done all the hard work; it's taken over two decades to bring you anCnoc 24 years old.  All you have to do is pour, sit back and relax, slàinte!

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Modern details, traditional process. #ModernTradition
A whisky fit to evoke memories of the moment you picked it up.  Have you tried Black Hill Reserve, our Travel Retail Exclusive?
For a whisky infused dessert, why not try the anCnoc affogato. Featuring anCnoc 12 Years Old with hints of honey, vanilla and lemon perfectly paired with premium ice cream. Read more on our blog.  Image kindly shared by @ellebloggs.
We're calling whisky o'clock, what are you pouring this evening? #Dramming #ModernTradition

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A truly decadent evening treat because sometimes you just feel like a mid-week dram. #WhiskyWednesday #EnjoyResponsibly
On one hand sweet and smooth, on the other complex and deep. Think gentle spices, ripe oranges and oiled leather. How does that sound for a Friday Dram?
Knockdhu; where modernity meets tradition. Traditional pagoda roof, modern orange doors. #ModernTradition

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