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Make your only predicament this evening an enjoyable one selecting a dram isn’t always easy, but, the results are worth savouring.
It's the little things in life; here's to a Saturday filled with warming whisky and chilled vibes.
Aged in American and Spanish oak barrels, previously used to mature either bourbon or sherry, our casks rest quietly in the warehouse over many years to produce whiskies that are full of flavour and character.
Reflecting on these end of summer days and raising a glass to Autumn's amber light. More good times ahead. Enjoy your weekend dram!

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A Friday dram with great friends - life doesn't get any better (especially if the sun's still shining). Cheers to the weekend!
Take an intriguing taste journey with our smokiest expression.  A 40 PPM phenol content which results in a smooth, warm, lingering smokiness.  Perfect for these last evenings in the September sunshine.
The same size and shape as they were back in 1894 when we first started crafting our whisky. Knockdhu's copper stills produce a light, fresh, fruity whisky as a result of our process - modern tradition at work. #CopperStills #WhiskyStills #WhiskyProduction
Fresh as an Indian Summer sky with the warm mellowness of early Autumn. Gently spicy, deliciously sweet and smooth with notes of chocolate, ripe orange and dried fruits. The perfect September Saturday sip.
We make an intriguingly modern whisky using age-old techniques; each part of our whisky-making process is entirely manual and every drop is crafted with care, pride and passion. Visit us at Knockdhu distillery and you might find yourself turning the wheel and helping us out! Find out more about our tours on our website.
'Spiciness with hints of candied orange slices, warm honey and worn leather filling the mouth with a symphony of maturity' - what would your tasting notes be? View the tasting notes for all of our expressions on our website.
There's an air of something unusually special as you enter our dunnage warehouse, hundreds of casks resting, with some exceptional malts in the making. Thank you to @officialwordsofwhisky for capturing this.
Reach for a dram of something special to celebrate the start of the weekend (have you got to know all of our expressions yet?). We're sure you'll find your perfect whisky match here -