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Supplying quality instant turf to Melbourne's homeowners, landscapers, golf courses, sports fields & racecourses for 40 years. Call 1800 010 110.

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Last week we had a visit from the Cranbourne Chamber of Commerce and Industry who presented our General Manager Ryan Cotter with a Ten Year valued membership award. #chamberofcommerce #cranbournecommunity #thelastdecade
These Solar panels will be used to power our Electric irrigation pumps saving on our energy bill and insuring us against power outages in summer. The office will also be going Solar in the near future. #carbonneutralturf #solarenergy #cleanandgreen #solarlawnsolutionsaustralia
Beware! There is only one Sir Walter DNA Certified turf. Please don’t get caught out by imitations and substitutes. For more information, visit us today and learn why certified turf is best for your garden. #sirwalterturf #sirdnawalterturf #turf #instantlawn
Regular maintenance and feeding of your lawn along with regular mowing with sharp blades will reduce the incidence of disease and weed invasion. Also, avoid moisture build-up on lawn and rake cut grass and bin immediately. 
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Need help calculating how much turf you need? Once you have measured your outdoor space, you can use our handy calculator ( to work out how much instant turf to buy. Anco Turf’s lawn professionals can also assist with calculating obscure areas by phone (1800 010 110) or email (
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It’s a bleak day at the Clyde farm but think of the positives- your new turf won’t need as much watering. As said in Life of Brian - always look on the bright side of life ...... #lifeofbrian  #positives #winterkike #ancoturf
Winter weather this morning at Anco. #brrrr #winterturf #winterkike
The “Road to Anco” this morning. #roadto #ancoturf #sunrise
Myth Buster! It is OK to lay turf in winter despite what some people say. Laying instant turf in winter is a good idea, as extra rainfall can assist with creating a healthy root system. Also, fresh turf is less likely to be overused in winter. Avoid accepting myths about turf and visit Anco Turf today.
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Do you know how to aerate your lawn? Use a garden fork and push the fork in to a depth of at least 90 mm every 8-10 cm apart. Rock the blade back and forth gently taking care not to break through the surface. Aerating reduces compaction which is a major cause of shallow rooting, disease and wear.
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Having trouble selecting the right turf for your front and back garden? At Anco Turf, we stock the leading turf varieties. From DNA Certified Sir Walter through to TifTuf Bermuda, we stock various turf types to suit your needs and requirements.
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Give your new grass lawn at least 25mm of water within half an hour of installation. In the first week, turf may require watering three times per day in warmer or windy conditions. For more interesting tips, visit our website
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