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Pre-Order 👇 Edo Ball — The Art of Basketball 🏀

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The animation for the @NBA introduces basketball to the Japanese and Asia audience through a visual style that includes traditional elements which were given a dynamic and contemporary transformation 🏀
🎄 Happy holidays everyone 🎄
A big thank you to all the amazing people I had the opportunity to work with in 2018. I'm humbled by the talent I get to work alongside on so many projects. Also big ❤️ to everyone who supported Edo Ball. The stories and sharing of what the art means to people was and always is special.
NBA Asia ~ How to enjoy the NBA 🏀😊 Full credit to the team on the tools: Animation: @jasonthomasjames - Assistant Artist: @janelle.barone - Sound: @mike_bigalow
I had the pleasure of directing and co-producing a 15 second opening for NBA Asia and their new show on how to enjoy the NBA 🏀 Thank you to Spencer and the @nba family; Ruifang, Inoue-san, Nakayama-san and Akira-san for their skills and their quality production work on the show.
🌼 Ikebana 🌸 A work in progress 🌺
Early morning cloud passes at the base of Mt. Mutombo 🦅
The evolution of the euro-step in the @nba for @espn 🏀 Featuring Cvetkovic, one of my all time favorites Petrović, Marčiulionis, @jharden13 and the longest of them all @giannis_an34.
🏀 Shōgun James Giveaway 🏀 Write in the comments who you are eating with and what you would be eating, based on the Edo Ball story below:

The sun has almost disappeared and the night is young as you arrive back in Edo (former name of Tokyo). You send a messenger to your closest samurai @________, requesting their presence at your favorite eating establishment where you order ___________ to eat.


Shogun James Edo Nights A3 Giclee Print + Sticker Pack

HOW TO ENTER  Comment who you are eating with and what you would be eating


Each comment with your tagged friend and dish will count as one entry. You can enter more than once. The winner will be announced on December 1st.
The Brow 〰️ 本眉 - There are a handful of young new leaders in the NBA and none who look more ready than @antdavis23 “The Brow”. Davis has been quietly perfecting his game and physical attributes in preparation to lead his @pelicansnba into the spotlight of the Western prefecture.
Shōgun II 👹 Shōgun James’ shoe, which combined an Edo metal sole, velvet upper and imperial lace. This beautifully preserved artifact was worn during the 2007 Eastern prefecture finals.
Fan of The Game 🌸 was originally part of a group show in early 18' and was unreleased on Edo Ball. I'm really happy to offer it in season 3 as an A3 and A2 Giclee print. It's hands down one of my personal favorites 🏀💕