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Just before I made this trick I slammed on my head&face on the roll in giving further credence to the term “If it ain’t vert, I get hurt!” Thanks @triple8nyc & @187killerpads #padup 🎥 @ameliabrodka
Happy Friday. 🎥 @ameliabrodka
If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. #havefunordontcome 📸 @chrisclicksdigital
You thought your Indy 215s were big. 😝 📸 @chrisclicksdigital
Get down to @catrainingfacility and skate with my dude @alphonzorawls quick before you start telling ppl you’re “too old”. #ageisanumber #shredtillyouredead
**must be over 30 years old - 🛹🛹 go to to download waiver in advance
Vert Skimmin’ again. #havefunordontcome 🎥 @beaverfleming
Let’s see: size XXXL Jobless clothing, Airwalk disaster high tops, red Flyaway helmet (a la #tucklove), Who Skates board, Rasta bead necklace. Was there a more on-fashion teenager in 1992? 😂🤷‍♂️ 📸 @gunarsphoto @maximusskatepark
Mug shot. Happy Friday. @thenineclub @kellyhart @mark_appleyard #streetmac
Here’s a @jgrantbrittain photo from the 90’s. We shot a “trick tip” at the OB Park next so I’m riding my pool board with 62mm wheels on it. #streetmac 🤷‍♂️
Solo sessions can be a disaster. Lucky for me @salman_agah showed up. Thanks for the 🎥
Me, generally not up to the sweeper-creaper challenge. 🎥 @tonyhawk
Switch tre at Roosevelt 😝 Thanks @thenineclub for digging up this old #streetmac footage. 😂🤷‍♂️