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🌟 Samsung S4 Evangelist 2013
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High Tea Day = Happy Day ✨✨☺️☕
Makeup on point 👁️✨💋💄
You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. 👫💗 #BibuBubi
✨💍Let's create the most beautiful life together in future 💍✨✨✨💕💏 #BibuBubi #HongKongDisneyland #香港迪士尼
其实应该带左手 但是右手比较顺 所以还是带了右手 😁
Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color No. 6 Vacancy. Love the applicator and the color is super pretty. Just need a few dab at the inner lips to create Korean Gradient lips. Easy peasy lemon sqeeuzy. 💋💗💄 #TomFordBeauty @tomfordbeauty
Paul & Joe Face Powder S001. This product is in a paper container. Recommend to use powder brush to apply evenly to the entire face. Personally think it suit for normal - dry skin during summer season. 💗 @paulandjoe_beaute
His signature pose/face expression 😅😅 #BibuBubi
悠 闲
When your fiancé is out of the loop 😂😂😂✨👫 ⬅️ Hyper  Blur ➡️
#BibuBubi #彩虹邨 #ChoiHongEstate
Maybe you don’t need the whole world to love you. Maybe you just need one person. #BibuBubi 👫 #LoveQuote 💗
#BibuBubi #彩虹邨 #ChoiHongEstate
Dinner in this beautiful Royal Banquet Hall 😍😊 🍽️🍝🍗 The sky is still bright here at 6pm. #HongKongDisneyland #BibuBubi
Back to the same place after 8 years  想当年他追我追到香港去 😂 - Love is a game that two can play and both can win 💏 #BibuBubi