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Mural Artist/Live Painter 🎨 Find me at festivals and concerts near you! Videos originals and prints 👉 @AnamorphosisArt @deliberatecreation @muralmaze

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Fun times last night with @realcolliebuddz who slayed the ping pong table and the stage!!
@deliberatecreation is the practice of aligning yourself vibrationally with where you want to be physically in order to create your desire reality. I painted this custom mural to help my clients do exactly that. They picked out the specific elements and I brought it to life. DM today to discuss your custom mural!
The wait to see the space pool filled was totally worth it!!! What do you guys think ?!?
Just over here filling up the space pool!! Time lapse video of the entire project and final pictures coming this week!!! Stay tuned!!
How about that one time I hand painted @gratefuldead @allmanbrothersallbrothers And @widespreadpanichq lyrics on the ceiling in a cabin at @suwanneemusicpark!? Talk about needing a serious massage afterwards!!!!
**Space Pool Update** I know many of you are still eagerly waiting to see this thing full! The Space Pool is located in  #sequimwashington where the rain prevented the protective sealer from drying for several weeks. Hopefully some sunshine will get this process rolling so we can wrap up this project and finally take a swim! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for following the progress and supporting my art. I am appreciate all if my old and new followers. The second this pool has water in it, you will be the first to know ❤️🙏
Anyone catch me painting this one in #cocoabeach last weekend, live on stage with @iration @pepperlive @fortunateyouth310 and @katastro? #livefromparadisetour
Thanks @kevminatree for capturing that moment when @kaleowassman added a few strokes to my painting during the @pepperlive set in St Augustine! This definitely counts as a collab! 😆🎨 🎶 #livefromparadisetour
I love capturing the vibes of wherever I am painting and that definitely happened in #staugustine with @iration @pepperlive @fortunateyouth310 and @katastro on the #livefromparadisetour. This one is still up for grabs!!
Huge thank you to @iration for having me out on the #livefromparadisetour in Florida! I had a blast painting to music I love so much! Pics of the paintings coming soon❤️🎨
Set your intentions and release them into the universe. Believe and you shall receive ❤️🙏 Watch me paint this one and DM to purchase.
🎥 Watch me paint 🎨“Dreams to Realities” from start to finish. Swipe right to see the finished piece. DM to submit offer on the original painting. Thank you to my dad @jaqandant for jamming on the guitar for the video. Thank YOU for all of the love on this one💕