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No, my students aren't taller than me. I bent my knees, okay. 泗 
Was assigned to ganti pengurus rumah sukan. Cuak jugak nak lead sebab takut students tak nampak teacher kat mana 沽 thank goodness for the umbrella. Kehulu kehilir macam mak itik bawak the Neptune boys dengan payung #sukantara #blueteamsinceforever
4 years of shenanigans with these silly people 汳 #lastpaperfordegree #timetoqadatidur #andwatchmoremovies
It felt like visiting the set of 'The Little Nyonya' 笨ィ 
Used to sit glued in front of the tv every evening back then to watch the series and oh how I wish Malaysia can come out with an interesting period drama too #herestohopingforabettermalaydrama 沚サ#onecanhope #theworldisprogressing
I know that I'm pretty late for this 沽 but with the exam and all, gurl got no choice.
Thanks to those who voted 'Colour it', the page looks more vibrant, as opposed to my initial plan to make it black & white haha.
So yeaaaahhh bring it on, January! 汳
#bujo #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournalideas #studygram #studyblr #showmeyourplanner #planner
Found this old photo in my gallery and now... I'm torn between doing the  assignment or splashing some paints. 
Again, why am I not dexterous? 
#tb to no-assignment days and wriggly handwriting 沽
I really don't know how to say thank you for this very lovely gift 沽「 
Plus, each of them is according to our favourites and preferences, which is very very thoughtful of you 笶、 May Allah bless you and your family with an abundance of rezeki @shilazhar 沽
Secretly wishing this is a portkey ...
Lights will never cease to amaze me 汳. This one looks like nebula, no ? 沒キ : @humayra_ibrahim
Only 2 classes per day 沽 God I'm loving this semester already ! 
Why can't every year be like final year 沽
Hi sexy little creatures 汳
I wish I can grab each of you and drench you in the thick creamy spicy sauce. 
With the trickling sauce dripping from you, I want to devour every inch of your sensation. Licking, nibbling and savouring the buttery yet spicy juices that come oozing out of you . #yaaaasssss 汳ヲ汳ヲ汳ヲ #imstillfasting #dontworry #ormaybeworryalittlebit
汳 Puan Emak & Encik Abah yang dirindui汳... Then there's Peah, of course... #thirdwheeling
My half full milk and half full planner. 
Half of the April had been nice to me. Hopefully the rest of it will be super nice too 汳