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QJ entry 1🔹 14:1
Learned a lot of new things through this #quranjournaling , ie: 29 surahs in the Quran begin with abbreviated letters (alif laam mim, yaa sin) and 24 of those surahs, next to the abbreviated letters, are about the Glorious Quran 💕, so there must be something bout it, right?

Inspired by: @mariampoppins
After hoarding my photos for so long, I finally have the chance to print them and update my #travelbujo 🎉🎊🎉🎊. Not sure how I'm gonna start though. Too many photos 😂
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Goodbye for now, The Cradle of Renaissance 🌸
Those shattered diamonds hung on the sky and coruscate, while this little jewel hung onto her two friends and rejuvenates 🌌
📸: @joseyedijah
Found this old photo in my gallery and now... I'm torn between doing the  assignment or splashing some paints. 
Again, why am I not dexterous? 
#tb to no-assignment days and wriggly handwriting 😂
Secretly wishing this is a portkey ...
Only 2 classes per day 😍 God I'm loving this semester already ! 
Why can't every year be like final year 😒
Played some question games and charades for today's speaking class and Miss Anis served her Pineapple Carrot Cake with hot tea 😚 
We still have half of the cake. Anyone wanna come over ? 😂
The world is a messy place 
but it's made up of countless lovely things, 
so when you learn about it, 
it would always remain exquisite.
Like you and me 🌸🌸🌸
They call you a toxic because your bloom kills,
Yet your root heals,
Haven't they witnessed ? 
That you came from the dirt, that you grew in between just shrubs,
Yet you elegantly reach for the rays amidst the storms,

Proving that determination, flourishes 
And that strength, nourishes
And with different soils, come your different shades,
Haven't they witnessed?

I guess they don't know what it takes
To be tenacious, dangerous and beauteous

p/s : For you will always be my favourite oxymoron, and of course, my favourite flower 💕  #hydrangeas
To do list : 
1. Get drowned
2. Get really drowned
"Mano hk mmain UNO wak khenak kokre tuh ? Beratur mitok ampun maaf zahir batin cepat!"