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- Just a picture perfect day that last a whole lifetime, leave a mark they can't erase neither space nor time so when the director yells cut, we'll all be fine
we're forever young'
- goodnight
- treasure
- 行云
" There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
- Shakespeare .
Lesson taught, looks like I'll need to stop deleting the photos, I knew they aren't that bad. #ocd
- Everyday like the one before
- 四个女人 一台戏
- my forth time of the month 🤘🏻
// a man alone drinking up Sunday
// Happy Birthday to my partner in wine, here's to another year of keeping both of us kind of sane, to the best friend that hates all the same people as I do, may you be forever fun and forever young, as long as you won't cabut from this crazy relationship we have I won't too, love you to the moon and back and to the moon again. ❤️
- the ultimate Sawadee Dough