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Weekends under the sun ☉
(natusta ako)
been practically living in my hoodies the past couple of weeks ☁
The look of love i reserve only for dogs 🐶
I graduated last night, and I'm obviously very happy about it despite not being ready to start working/job-hunting. Still, I'm glad to have left college with a light heart 💖 Here's to whatever comes next!!!
Random photo from when we almost got stranded 4 hours away from home. 🌻 Aaaaaah di pa ko ready gumraduate
Down to our last two weeks of college!!!! I'm barely ready!! Yet here I am drafting ig captions and going through a number of totally unrelated fiction novels instead of studying
Just passing through like the rest of us
just peachy 🍑
Grape juice
Don't know what the hell these are, but they sure are pretty. 🌾