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Captain’s log: day one. 🛰
Down the rabbit hole 🛰 #Stowaway
It’s great when you know you should get some work done, pack, rest up, fight the jet lag, be responsible, and three beautiful people pull up in a boat like they’re in a GD movie about morally bankrupt women of leisure and ur like, yeah ok lemme borrow ur glasses. 💙💙🇳🇱
tourist shit
Ester Dean is the heart of Pitch Perfect, the best voice in the crew hands down, and by the way, she wrote all your favorite songs. When we started making the first movie she didn’t even tell us she was a famous songwriter who wrote on Super Bass, Firework, Rude Boy etc etc etc until we pulled it out of her. She is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever known, she lifts up everyone around her, and now she’s coming to your TV. Watch @nbcsongland tonight!!!!!! @esterdean ❤️💫✨
you make it better like that
light me up
She’s not afraid of 💉💉 but she bruises like a 🍑
costar goes hard with the drawn-on freckles