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I窶冦 going to try with the fire of a thousand suns to do way more this and way less screaming obscenities at the news.
You had me at 窶忤anna窶.
Ugggghhhhhhhh guys, The Blue Man Group is NOT taking submissions and this is NOT, in fact, how you audition for their show.
Happy birthday to my incredible pa-in-law @hajov. I know you cheated on our 窶彷irst person to pick their toenails buys the other one a lobster dinner窶 bet, but I still love you a whole lot.
This felt. Really. Fucking. Fantastic. #womensmarchnyc
Am I stoned? Or staring at the eclipse? Or both? Or neither?
Look, I know @instadanjlevy asked these EXACT questions in HIS last post, but they窶囘 been weighing heavily on MY mind too, okay?
This is my new daughter @aylateslermabe and she plays the guitar like a goddamn earth angel.  @calpurniaofficial
窶廸OPE, NO. (A Shithole Three Ways)窶 - New York street drawings 2018
Season 4 premieres tonight on CBC at 9 EST. See you and your Christmas onesie and your generous glass of wine there! #schittscreek
Happy birthday, my @mennovers. May this always be your first impulse when the Google Earth car drives by you and your red shoes.
Never before has Jon Snow looked like such a sassmonster. 沽后ccimoroni12 沽
Thank you @realtimrozon for my hangover, your beard, and the best restaurant in the galaxy. @crownsalts