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After 15 years of music and the grandest adventures, my best friends @hollerado are releasing their final album, Retaliation Vacation, and are zipping up their leisure suits for retirement.
Not only have they brought incredible music into the world, they have demonstrated time and time again that life is best lived outside the box. They’ve left a trail of joy, and colour, and concerning smells in their wake, and I’m the woman I am today because I got to tag along for the ride. Thank you, you bunch of goinks. I love you very, very much.
To honour @olreid’s birthday, here’s a rare still from our work as star-crossed siblings on the Spanish soap opera “Simplemente lo Mejor”. 📸 : @ana_sorys
I would literally rather eat an electric cage of live birds and then slowly drown to death in boiling clam juice.
I found out that #internationalbeaverday was a thing and I immediately yelled “Mother! fetch me my hockey stick signed by @jimcuddyofficial, one snowshoe, my @roots beaver t-shirt from their limited edition collection from which 100% of the profits go to the Nature Conservancy of Canada @ncc_ccn and the protection of Canadian wildlife, my father’s boots, and photograph me on a mountain of dirty snow! I must celebrate!” #partner
Spice Girls Reunion Tour 2019.
Only one more season to try to make him fall in love with me...
I look forward to our sixth and final season with enormous love and gratitude for the show that went ahead and changed my life. @schittscreek
When you find out your “Live, Laugh, Love” wall art won’t be delivered for weeks.
I got to write this song if we can call it that with @hollerado boys @nixonboyd and @mennovers for a particularly flaily scene in @schittscreek. @ant1.ya took this completely serious headshot if we can call it that for a particularly flaily time in my life.
If you guys are into getting cool lyrics like “la la la la la la la” stuck in your head for days and days, the link’s in my bio. Vroom vroom, bitches.🚗💨🚗💨
Turns out they did not have the time for two mani/penises.
If you like fresh produce, you’re going to LOVE season 5...
Season 5 is back in da house in Januaryyyyy! There will be: WIGS, WRISTS, EYEBROWS, MOTELS (actually probably just one), LITTLE BLUE HELMETS and LOTS of other things - you can count. on. that. ✨