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Trying to be more like Jackson Pollack in the sense that when I metaphorically chain smoke over my metaphorical giant canvas and drop a metaphorical matchstick in, I say “fuck it, yolo, that’s where metaphorically stays.”
Oh you’d better believe I found my marble collection, and you’d better believe I’ll buy you anything your heart desires because if I recall correctly, I am now rich beyond my wildest dreams. Hit me up.
I like to think that this place would move Bono so deeply he’d take off his dumb blue sunglasses and whisper “yaas”.
#fabfitfunpartner .
Oh hey, didn't see you there.  Me? Oh, I thought I was baking a delicious roast chicken, but it turns out that it's actually an editors box from @fabfitfun.  On top of getting a box of rad surprises four times a year, FabFitFun supports female-founded companies and non-profit organizations.  Aaaand ...if you're looking to save a few dollArs for things like, I don't know, roast chickens, enter the code AM10 at for $10 off your first box. Ok bye!
Yappy Pride, dawgs! #pride
Mommy and Daddy’s first night out after the baby. @mtv @instadanjlevy #mtvawards
Clinging to two of my favourite things during season 5 wrap at the business factory. #euge
Ontario peeps! I don’t want to tell you how to vote, but I DO want to strongly, strongly encourage you to get out and vote today.
Pantsless, politically active two-year-old Annie, on the other hand, does not like scary, lying manmonsters, so would strongly, strongly encourage you to vote NDP.
The boyz are back in Creek.
I TOLD YOU @instadanjlevy
To all my fellow saucy little belly-boys out there, I’d like to favourite cartoon. ✏️: @perfectsundaycomic
“Annie, sit next to me on the plaaaane! Eat pizza with meeeeee! Hold my haaaaaand! You’re my best frieeeeeend! Let’s get marrieeeeed!” - Daniel “Needy” Levy, 2018