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Season 5 is back in da house in Januaryyyyy! There will be: WIGS, WRISTS, EYEBROWS, MOTELS (actually probably just one), LITTLE BLUE HELMETS and LOTS of other things - you can count. on. that. ✨
“5-year-old Annie Murphy spins a gripping and dramatic tale of an evil huntsman who thinks better of catching the little glow worm. A profound plea to all of the evil huntsmen of today to think twice before being shitty, shitty weenuses to the little glow worms of today.” - The New York Times Book Review
Fortunately/unfortunately for God, Beyoncé is God now.
Just a couple of ma’am’s cod fishing in rubber ensembles.
Happy belated anniversary, @mennovers. I looked it up, and 7 years isn’t actually copper and wool - it’s two muscly German tourists NAMED Koper and Wöl dressed in identical outfits taking pictures on a ferry. You’re welcome. ❤️
Not sure if you got my birthday text @instadanjlevy, so trying this route instead! Happy birthday to my ride and die! (Please let me know you get this. Are you ok? Thanks.)
I’m going to be co-hosting this music fest(ival) with @mattymatheson on September 2nd!
Things I know about Matty: very many tattoos, much lung capacity, makes delicious food, much vivacious personality.
Things I know about co-hosting a festival: nothing.
....the bands will make up for it. Link to tickets in biooooo....
Mary-Kate and Ashley.
Trying to be more like Jackson Pollack in the sense that when I metaphorically chain smoke over my metaphorical giant canvas and drop a metaphorical matchstick in, I say “fuck it, yolo, that’s where metaphorically stays.”
There’s a matchstick in here. Find it if you’re so bored.
Oh you’d better believe I found my marble collection, and you’d better believe I’ll buy you anything your heart desires because if I recall correctly, I am now rich beyond my wildest dreams. Hit me up.