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I TOLD YOU @instadanjlevy
To all my fellow saucy little belly-boys out there, I’d like to favourite cartoon. ✏️: @perfectsundaycomic
“Annie, sit next to me on the plaaaane! Eat pizza with meeeeee! Hold my haaaaaand! You’re my best frieeeeeend! Let’s get marrieeeeed!” - Daniel “Needy” Levy, 2018
My buds @thelittlejuniors covered “I Really Like You” by queen @carlyraejepsen and asked me to play king @tomhanks in the video, to which I said “only if that means I can spend 18 hours trapped in a horrifying rubber face”, to which they said “NO PROBLEM!”.
Way to go @martygram for your insane art brain, and to director @maxmp for not going insane.  All proceeds from this video will go to Youth Line Toronto. 🌈 LINK. IN. BIOOOOO.
Everybody (yeah)
Rock your body (yeah)
Everybody rock your body right...
Bagstreet’s bag, alright!
Just found this sweet dumb-dumb running down Roncesvalles at Wright Ave. If anyone knows where he belongs, please let me know!
ANNNNND he’s not as dumb as he looks and lead me back to his house SO EVERYBODY CAN RELAX.
🙌 #marchforourlives
ATTN: Due to a glitch in the Matrix, I am now Chelsea Clinton. Charlotte, Aidan and Marc have yet to fully adjust to this new transition, but I’m confident they’ll grow to love Kraft Dinner with tuna and hanging around the house soon enough.
The photographer asked for “a tapestry of mildly enthusiastic smirks” so I’d say we delivered.
Happy #internationalwomensday to all you incredible witches out there, including this lil’ mama of mine.
Here’s to continuing the practices of love and strength and courage and support, and to metaphorically (or literally) wearing our tiaras and gloves to our own goddamn retirement tea parties.
He said yes!!!!!!!
*This is more of an engagement photo shoot joke, and less of an I adopted a dog announcement. I am still very much in search of my perfect dog-mate, so...
I’m going to try with the fire of a thousand suns to do way more this and way less screaming obscenities at the news.