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And I just saw a man cover his two kids in sneeze.
Tucked in tight with a bunch of middle-aged stoners who are all going to try swinging tonight. #tompetty
Idiot brother-in-law trying to nosh a 'za that isn't even real!!! It's made of toxic materials!!! WHAT A LOSER 😂!
Hair kween @ana_sorys cuts off local ma'am's gnarled dead dog hair. Eats nuts.
*ring ring*
"Yes, hello?"
*head falls off*
Season 4 wrap on these two dumb-dumbs today.  Gonna miss gazing upon Dear Leader's face every morning. @instadanjlevy #schittscreek
That feeling when you accidentally dress like a chef, get asked what restaurant you work at by an actual chef, and then spill soup on your chef suit. @emilyhampshire #tbt
This is where I worked today there is no filter on this photo get a load of that sunset will ya. #schittscreek
The @ottawasun with some hard-hitting journalism. Good luck to Husband Two @erikkarlsson65 and all my other boyfriends on the @senators tonight. Let the panic attacks begin! #allin #allen
Hello hi I've never looked cooler please like this photo guys thanks a lot! 📸@reddzeppelinn
Pigs in a blanket. @sarahplevy