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We laughed, I made crazy eyes at the audience, and I served my best McConaughey (#sorrynotsorry Matthew, it’s the price of being an iconoclast.). @jimmykimmel is a treat and it was my absolutely pleasure to stop by (#sorryactuallysorry I didn’t get this post up last night!)
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Wow. Check out 2009 me trying so hard not to do anything wrong. Check out 2019 me doing what feels right.
Wicked sweet 🙂
Matthew and I are learning our film Serenity isn’t easily broken down into sound bites. I really like movies like that, but just in case I am in the minority, here are some reasons why I think you should see it: 
I find Serenity to be a thrilling, ambitious, violent, spiritual, erotic, charged, dark, damning, contradictory, maddening, lushly intelligent film from the brilliant mind of Steven Knight. 
It asks a lot of the audience. It exists outside cut-and-dry, black-and-white moralizing, beyond the realm of “thumbs up” and “thumbs down,” “it sucked,” “it was bad-ass,” etc. It will need some analysis and conversation after. Good.
Serenity is a sexy, surreal, modern noir for grown ups who are into things that don’t come standard. If that sounds like you, I hope you’ll consider giving us your time and attention.
Thanks for listening xx
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What a fun week this is turning out to be! Thank you for having me on your cover @townandcountrymag!  Big thanks to @eholmes for the thoughtful profile (I hit “ignore” on the 15 minute Instagram time limit most days fyi), @francescocarrozzini for being so talented and chill, and to the legend @therealnicolettasantoro for making me feel yummy and special and for telling me to relax my face 😘 PS- if you try the fire thing, please use common sense when burning your pages x
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Love and thanks to my glam village!!! #GoldenGlobes
You complete me, @jessicachastain.
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Thanking the lessons of 2018, especially the ones I feel like cursing;
Welcoming 2019 with all the sweetness, softness and gratitude in my heart;
Wishing blessings and abundance for us all.
Happy New Year, darlings!!
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(Thank you all for making this headline true!)
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Happy motherf*cking Birthday @samuelljackson! We ♥️u!
RIP Penny Marshall.
I’ll miss your voice (literally and cinematically).
Give Garry a hug for me xx
Please join me in congratulating the awesome @danaigurira on her new role as a @unwomen Goodwill Ambassador!  I am looking forward to working alongside you on the path to gender equality.
My country gassed children.
There are no words for my horror.
To those who will immediately speak of “doing it the right way”, who will “blame the parents for putting the children in this position”, or say “they were storming the wall”, and “they were throwing rocks”: the only human response to this monstrous use of force against LEGAL asylum seekers- against children- is condemnation, shame, and rage.
For those that still believe in voting for the man who recommended using lethal force on families fleeing violence and persecution: this is the policy you like?