Anne Hathaway
Yes the anti-abortion movement is primarily about controlling women’s bodies under the premise (for many, sincere) of saving lives, and yes this law is primarily the work of white men HOWEVER a white woman sponsored the bill and a white woman signed it into law. 
As we’re resisting, let us also call out the complicity of the white women who made this awful moment possible, and which–make no mistake–WILL lead to the unnecessary and avoidable deaths of women, a disproportionate number of whom will be poor and/or black.
Speak up. Show up. Don’t give up.
Donate to @yellowfund, @plannedparenthood, @arc_southeast, @abortionfunds, @whoohio, @napawf, @gwafund, and the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund.

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I just took some time off from Instagram but when I would check in, I found myself repeatedly moved by @gretathunberg and the work she is doing for Mother Earth. I hope you check out what she is about (link in my bio).
To the students who have taken up Greta’s call to strike, please know you inspire me, and that I am proud of you for claiming your place in this world. I am curious: what do you think us older generations could be doing right now for the climate that we are not? What kind of support do you want?
Greta- thank you for everything you are doing and, for what it’s worth, for lifting up my heart and giving me hope. 
#fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate #climatestrike