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First time to try Queen Helene's Scrub and I like it. The smell of pomegranate and how soft it is after washing. And it really does its job to cleansed my face as it has this granules to remove dirt on the skin. The downside was the next morning I had pimple. Maybe because I have a really sensitive skin better use a milder scrub.

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As years go by, a lot of skin issues arised. Ageing, skin become more sensitive, wrinkles and dryness coming out.

Loréal Paris Revitalift Essence Water, an anti-ageing product that keeps my skin hydrated, made my pimple dry, looked plumped and feels smooth.
Who don't want to have a baby smooth skin? Even adults wanted to have a healthy and young looking skin. Bebinia ceride lotion helps me to relieve my dry skin by providing good moisture balance and protection.
Using natural cleansing soap made of propolis is a great benefit for our skin. It has a rstorative and antiseptic property that will help our skin to become more soothing and easily heal problem in our skin like  acne.
I love the cooling effect it provides after I used it and reduced the redness on my face. It flattened my pimples but still leaving a soft feeling.
Pamper Night with @arumiru.official pangpang mask vital skin. 
Step 1: Pollutant Removing Formula Bubble Massage
Step 2: moisturizing + whithening + wrinkle imrpoving effect mask

Loving the cooling effect on my skin leaving a cleansed, soft and smooth effect. Essence easily absorbed and don't have any sticky feeling.

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With combination skin, I need something to balance, hydrate and prevent my skin for having breakouts.

It has a tea tree extract as a main ingredient but it doesn't have any scent at all. It has a watery consistency and easily absorb due to Zeolite element which is a good component in skin care. I combined it to my usual skin care but I think it doesnt suit well with other product as I experienced a stinging sensation, itchiness and redness over my face. After 5 mins it subsides, leaving a smooth and soft finish.

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First time to review an eco-friendly home products.As I have a sensitive skin, some of the brands made my skin very dry then it became flaky, itchy and irritated.
The positive side was I like how it safe for my skin while doing all the cleaning and removing dirty stuffs. Natural products is a high priority to me plus loving the citrusy and orangey scent of toilet cleaner and laundry liquid making our bathroom smell fresh while my clothes smell a light scent of fruit.
The downside, it doesn't removed the stain in my white uniform even if I leave it soaked for 1 day. I really need to use bleach again. Maybe it's to gentle that it can't handle tough stains.

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Let's get in ON! 😂
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Starting some love for  korean skin care 🤷
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Christmas beverage, Vanilla Nougat Latte by @starbuckssg 
Right amount of sweetness with a lot of strawberry almond nougat candy 😍 for my cravings, sugar rush and bitterness of coffee enough to keep me alive.

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Miracles can Happen 🤷
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Combination of what I love...
Dark chocolate x Coconut rolls = 😍😍😍