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Combination of what I love...
Dark chocolate x Coconut rolls = 😍😍😍
Ewww! Heads... #black #white

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Mission no. 2. Lately I've been looking for some healthy snacks around the supermarkets and just in time.
📬: Look what I got! 
Tasty's organic mixed fruit gummies from #tryandreviewasia
I have something cool from my fridge 😎
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Gluten free snack on my stocks!
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Nasi Goreng Daging Merah? Another Malaysian/Indonesian dish we tried at #spize 
We don't know what it is but it taste like beef meat in a sweet, salty, spicy sauce with a lot of onions and red chilli. Some of its meat got a rubbery texture which is not nice.
Summer Classico by #spize
Fresh mocktails consist of Orange, Lemon, Banana and Honey. At first I didn't mixed it and had a sip and it was like a series of flavour gushing into your mouth.
One night of craving brought us to #spize and I ordered Mee Goreng Pattaya. Not knowing how it looks like and m sounded like thai food. This dish came to me as a surprise but first impression is like wow! It's a spicy fried noodle wrap in an omellete drizzled with catsup topped with spring onion, fried dried onion and calamansi. Lime definitely a must add on to this meal, more flavour playing around from sweet, sour, salty and spicy.
Braised Beef Pasta by #togathercafe

Cream based spaghetti pasta topped with a beef meat. A good combination of creamy, salty taste and beef chunks of meat was succulent 👌
Bulbous Oriental Pasta

One of the recommended pasta by #farttartz. Spaghetti cooked in olive oil with garlic mixed with parsley and sea salt garlic powder topped with smoked duck and fish roe. 
This pasta in a jar was so attractive with its colorful crunchy roe on top combined with its side dish, mixed greens. Pasta was wonderful not so salty taste was so nice and I love the garlicky flavour. The smoked duck was a bit rubbery but overall its good.
Aglio Olio Smoked Duck and Clams

Super nice pasta in a super affordable price. I enjoyed this pasta serving in a presentable manner with a lot of clams and duck meat. Taste wise it was yummy and flavourful topped with herbs and spices.
Sloppy Beef Burger - 
thick charcoal grilled beef patty marinated with different herbs and topped with oozing house special sauce by #iam #iamathajilane

The burger bun was just the ordinary. Meat was tender, juicy and had a smokey taste plus the generous amount of sauce made it flavourful. Best eaten using your hands, pressed it and all the juicy experience break through.