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In this life, you'll sometimes have to do things that you dont want to, with people you dont like, work in a place you dont like.🙀 People will leave your life as quickly as they come, ( DW, your real ones stay) you'll lose money, things will break, you'll get over your first love.🚶 But you will get through it ALL, the good and the bad, like the Winner you are because all these are just passing phases in the movie that is YOUR life.🎊
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I cant think of a caption right now
My prayer is that we enter the new year happier nd smarter. This #2018 will bring only tears of joy to us all. We are going to witness growth🌼🎆🎆💠💠
Blessings on blessings fam. Also, watch this space🙌😊😊 forever grateful for the blessings nd opportunities that came my way this year. The amazing people around me🌼🌼 HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!🎉🎉
🎄🎉Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day 🎄🎉
Well, my moms plan to keep me indoors from Saturday till today was a success😭 but I'm going rogue soon.

Pls who wants to hang out or recommend a nice place I can go out to enjoy myself😊😊
Not only can you speak things into existence ,you can also think them into existence if that’s all you focus on. Focus on failure and that’s what you’re gonna get. Focus on building a future and that’s what you’re gonna receive.
Please Brethren fill your thoughts with positivity, gass yourself up, dream, set goals and work towards them. Stop waiting for someone to bring positive vibes into your life. Be your own fuckin plug👌💜
This year went by super fast tho and as much as I'm grateful, I'm also angry too, with myself. I didn't achieve as much as i hoped to. 
How do you feel about how quick the year went by? 👇👇
I'm thankful for the kind of people around me rn, my moms love, my baby's support and the amount of love (I sometimes overlook) from my peers.
What are you thankful for?
Reflecting on the past months and realizing that you are all you've really got.
🎀Love yourself fiercely.
🎀If at first you fail, stand up, dust it off and keep trying till you get better.
🎀No body is your competition, be better than your past self.

How has this year been so far and any profound lessons? Bless someone today💕

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#GoodMusic really helps a lot. Rn NF is my go to, Jhene Aiko has me in my feels with the whole Trips album😭 I will always ❤ Travis Scott tho😻
What artists have you been jamming to RN?
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Glad to see what November brings. May all our 'Nays' turn to 'Yays' and may we all get that happy plot twist we've been waiting on💞💟 Happy New Month😘
The never ending oppression of young adults in this generation.
The "I'm better than you" "my parents have more money than yours" or "I have more followers than you" "I'm better looking than you" mentality. 
In this mentality we forget the important things👀

On to more important issues...I wish I could have been there for the Lagos Fashion Week.
#HLFDW #LFDW 📷: @sechivir