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🌸My least favourite thing is stitching armholes. I liked making Kaftan and Kaftan Abaya. It is perfect for beginners (: #annieomarthoughts #annieomarblog #kaftanabaya #kaftan
★Video ▪ How to cut Kaftan Abaya, Jalabiya, kimono. DETAILED VIDEO on YouTube channel-AnnieOmarThoughts(link is in bio too)~(•◡•) #annieomarthoughts #YouTube #kaftanabaya #kaftan #jalabiya #kimono
🌸I use a different stitch for the opening of the Kaftan Abaya. I also decided to add more design on the back of the Abaya. I draw a diamond shape then I used the same stitch over the lines I draw. I wanted to keep a white theme with pink colour however; a different colour thread will look nice too. DETAILED VIDEO of how to cut the Abaya is on my YouTube channel (link is in bio too)
#annieomarthoughts #annieomarblog #pink #kaftan #abaya
🌸Hooks and eyes. These are from Amazon. I thought they would be perfect for Kaftan Abaya #annieomarthoughts #annieomarblog #hooksandeyes #amazon
🌸May Allaah Subhanahu wata Ala shower Ramadhan blessings on all of us and bestow His acceptance of our prayers and fasts Ameen summa Ameen ♡ #ramadan #ramadan2018
🌸Light Pink Linen Fabric. My new project, Kaftan Abaya. Many of you liked my Kaftan making video and many of the comments were highly requested to make Abaya. I am calling this kaftan Abaya because it is like a kaftan and Abaya. How to cut, step by step tutorial is on my youtube channel - #annieomarthoughts (link is in bio too) #annieomarblog #linen #fabric
🌸I like designing my own clothes and I love to share some designing wisdom on my social profiles. I share my thoughts with you and help someone be a designer. There are so many ideas locked in my head, I know I can work hard to get it out there. However this is not my passion. This is something I like doing. I like to work differently even in a simple task. There are many pleat dresses out there I wanted to make it with two looks. It was quite challenging, to sew all in one facing. However the end product makes me happy. I try to share the easiest way to be our own dress designer. My next project kaftan Abaya is almost complete. I cannot tell you how easy it was to make. If you know the basic of stitching then I'm sure you can sew your own modest dress by watching one of my video. You just need a little bit of inspiration, hard work and time~(•◡•) #annieomarthoughts #annieomarblog #twoinonedress
🌸I made this dress from Linen and Viscose jersey fabric. It is a two in one dress. To sew all in one facing may look difficult at first but once you try this it gets easier. I love how it leaves neat and clean look not only from outside but from inside too. If you want to hear more about the dress process, check out the link in my bio. I made a detail video. I am sure been using this lot more on my dresses ~(•◡•) #annieomarthoughts #annieomarblog #twoinonedress
★Video | SEW WITH ME, TWO LOOKS IN ONE DRESS. DETAILED VIDEO on YouTube channel-AnnieOmarThoughts~(•◡•) #annieomarthoughts link is in bio too ♡ #YouTube #stitching #twoinonedress #spring
MAKING PLEATS ON (Skirt/bottom pieces)
Placing it on a flat surface and cut out my desire length plus width. Then I marked the mid point of the skirt also mark where I want my pleats to start. Over here on each side, it is 5-inches away from the midpoint. To make the pleat I am folding two inches fabric and pin it to keep in place. You can have the pleat facing towards front or backside of the dress just make sure that all pleats facing same direction. Because this dress is 2 in 1, which means that can wearing from both sides. Therefore, I need to make pleats on both skirts then join them together before stitching. I follow the same process on right side of the skirts. I find it easy to make pleat on each side of the skirt as I go. Then I mark 3-inches away from the guideline pleat but this time I am also folding 3-inches fabric to make a pleat. Before finalising, I go ahead and check by placing the skirt around my waist. Once I am happy with the pleats, I take the midpoint of both skirts and join them together with wrong sides facing inwards. Then carefully one by one I hold the pleats and pin them together. Before stitching, I iron them to give neat look. If you want to see in a video link is in my bio. YouTube channel-AnnieOmarThoughts~(•◡•) #annieomarthoughts #annieomarblog #YouTube
★Video || Marking and cutting two looks in one dress. DETAILED VIDEO on YouTube channel-AnnieOmarThoughts~(•◡•) #annieomarthoughts #YouTube #cutting #twolooksinone links in bio too ♡
👗My new project. Two looks in one dress, 2 in 1 dress. I am so excited to share this with you. I have been meaning to make this kind of a dress for quite some time. I shared the detail process of how I start in a Video on my youtube channel #annieomarthoughts links in bio. You can also read a blog post #annieomarblog. The fabrics I am using for one side of the dress in black Linen and Burn out Viscose stretch jersey. The other side of the dress I use the same Linen material but in different colour🌸 #youtube