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Always a favourite time of day- Chai and chats! Happy weekend!
Ever had that thought that you don't know what you are doing with your life? I am positive it happens to those who even look like they have 'it' together. My motto is to do something each day that makes you feel like you are making a difference and means something to you.
Love a delivery any time! Especially when it is new fabrics to play with. Stay tuned!
Starting Monday with something a little different! Love how T2 provide amazing flavours for any time of day!
Its a research, read and plan kinda day. Such an inspiring book with practical advice which gets you thinking about your next big idea!
Where has January gone?! What a big month with so much accomplished! Lets keep it up! Keep kicking goals.
Sometimes easier said than done but I am consciously trying to live by this each day. More often than not we try to control the outcome of a situation. Simply by letting it be you may be as equally surprised with the outcome!
That Monday feeling when you get a delivery with your brand name on it! Thanks @sweaterclubaus
Chai time is always the best time. Can't wait to try a new flavour chai from T2 today. Check out our story to see which one it is!
My black and white life. I love having everything co ordinated and in style. I can tackle every day with my lorna jane 1L drink bottle and my prene bag which holds my daily essentials.
Desk space dreaming via @beccapurso. Simply gorgeous!
Taking time to research, socialise and relax this weekend. Each day the challenge is maintaining a healthy work life balance. Happy Saturday!